There are certain things only female surfers understand. Here is our top ten:

1. Most bikinis are not suitable for surfing. Especially when you go surfing without a wetsuit you might end up naked. So better choose one of the stable ones for example with crossed straps in the back. 

2. White legs from wearing a wetsuit are not very attractive. You pull down your wetsuit and you are actually still wearing it . Hands, face and feet are tanned, the rest of your body remains white…

3. Your hair is suffering. Salt and Sun dry the hair out. Once wet it sticks to your face and you can’t see a thing. But in the end it’s worth it. Who doesn’t love the waves saltwater puts in our hair?

4. Where’s the toilet? Girls need to visit the bathroom more often than guys. But when you’re stuck in a wetsuit and there’s no toilet in sight it can get tricky.

5. Our arms are too short. Evolution has equipped us women with short arms. Therefore it’s impossible to casually carry around a large board.

6.Watching surfers changing clothes can be very distracting. Well, that applies to everyone who likes tanned, thoroughly fit male bodies, doesn’t it?

7. We have to prove ourselves in the lineup. Even though there are a lot of surf chicks around these days, they are still not always taken serious.

8. Yoga works! Yoga strengthens the whole body, makes you more flexible and improves your balance. A perfect addition to surfing. 

9. Plastic is evil. Everyone who loves to be in and around the ocean knows this problem: waste. At FreshSurf on Fuerteventura we also care for our environment.

10. Girls rock! Heard of Stephanie Gilmoren, Kassia Meador or Keala Kenelly? Lot’s of the world’s best surfers are female!