Blog_25.09.2014-webThe “3F Feria de Fotografia” takes place in El Cotillo from 25 to 28 September. It is going to be a cultural, social and artistic event with exhibitions, music and workshops in the cultural Center of El Cotillo, Fuerteventura. Architect Esther Azpeitia had the idea to project photographs on walls around town. Those pictures are to promote the work of canary photographers and also to brighten up public spaces. Mauro Ladu, Juan Santana und Lola Comas are the winners of the international Photo competition “El mar que nos une” (the sea unites us) and their work will be projected to walls in El Cotillo. Despite of that workshops will take place on topics like Instagram and how to handle a camera. 

The events starts tonight at 6 pm in the small harbour of El Cotillo. The FreshSurf team is looking forward to it!