reasons for the surfcamp fuerteventura

What are the advantages of a surfing vacation at a surf camp in Fuerteventura?

Surfing is trendy, no wonder, it is fun, you live a relaxed lifestyle and go on vacation where the best waves break. What are the advantages of traveling to dream beaches to a surf camp on Fuerteventura?

  • Relaxed Lifestyle 99% 99%
  • Aktive Holiday with lots of fun 90% 90%
  • Pure boredom 10% 10%
  • Great 100% 100%
  • Awesome people, whose passion is surfing 100% 100%
  • Wear thermal underwear every day 0% 0%
  • Making unforgettable moments and memories 100% 100%
5 gründe für surfcamp fuerteventura - line  up

1. In our Surfcamp Fuerteventura it’s all about waves and surfing!

Our Surfcamp is the perfect place for you, if you love the salt on your skin and spending time by the ocean. Water is your element? Here you spend lots of time in and by the ocean, can go surfing every day and will learn a lot about the elements. Traveling to our surfcamp on Fuerteventura means having an active holiday focussing on fun with the motto “eat, sleep, surf, repeat. And that is just one of the reasons for the Surfcamp Fuerteventura.

5 gründe für surfcamp fuerteventura

2. In our Surfcamp Fuerteventura you will find everything you nee for surfing!

In our Surfcamp and in our surf school Fuerteventura you have the possibilty to practise surfing with the material that suits you best. There are many different surfboard models and variations. Here, you can test which surfboard suits you best, without making a definite decision. 

5 gründe für surfcamp fuerteventura - spaß

3. Surf lessons and classes for every level in our surfcamp Fuerteventura!

When discovering a new surf destination, you will first have to find your way around. In our Surfcamp Fuerteventura, your adventure starts right away, because everything is already taken care of. We organise your surf lessons, the transport to the beach and the material. In small groups you will improve your surfing skills quickly – another reasons for the Surfcamp Fuerteventura

5 gründe für surfcamp fuerteventura - essen

4. You share your passion with cool people in the Surfcamp Fuerteventura!

“Guests who surf together, stay together!” This saying proves to be true and we have witnessed it many times already. In our surfcamp you spend your vacation together with like-minded people, you all want to have a great time in the water. At the end of your surf trip you won’t only share waves but also memories. Many travel friendships have already been made here. Whether you’re traveling alone or with friends, you’re sure to make friends here.

5 gründe für surfcamp fuerteventura - coole leute

5. Unforgettable moments in our Surfcamp Fuerteventura!

The surf coaches have many years of experience and know the island like the back of their hand. You will benefit from this. Special places and unforgettable moments will remain in your memory.

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5 reasons for the Surfcamp Fuerteventura

The Surfcamp Fuerteventura offers the ideal environment for surf enthusiasts, who want to spend an active and relaxing holiday. With a clear focus on surfing and the fun at surfing makes it possible for our guests to enjoy their time at the ocean and improve their surfing skills. 

The availabilty of different surfboards enables our guest, to try the most suitable material for them without making definite decisions. 

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The surf lessons and the organized transport to the best spots make it easier for our guest to find their way in the new surf environment and develop their skills and techniques. The community of like-minded guests at the surf camp creates a positive atmosphere in which not only waves but also lasting memories are shared.

The many years of experience of the Surfcamp Fuerteventura and the knowledge about the island and the environment promise unforgettable moments at special palces. These are just a few reasons for the surfcamp Fuerteventura

gründe für das surfcamp fuerteventura umgebung

In summary, Surfcamp Fuerteventura offers a comprehensive surfing experience that ranges from a passion for surfing, the availability of suitable equipment, qualified tuition and a supportive community.

Whether you are traveling alone or with friends, Surfcamp Fuerteventura promises unforgettable and enriching experiences.