8 tips for your surf lesson on Fuerteventura

The absurd secrets of a successful surf lesson on Fuerteventura

We have some great tips for your surf lesson on Fuerteventura. Surfing is often taken a little too seriously and the fun is missing and boredom can set in. Where’s the fun factor in surfing, you ask? I’ll try and explain it to you… and I hope you read this with a big grin on your face.

tipps für deinen surfkurs auf fuerteventura strand

Dear beginning surfer,

Congratulations on your decision to take a surf class on the beautiful island of Fuerteventura! However, before you hit the waves, there are a number of absurd but highly effective tips for your surf lesson on Fuerteventura that you should know in order to make your surf course a complete success. So buckle up, or rather, tie your surfboard to your leg, because here they come:

Tipps für deinen Surfkurs auf Fuerteventura - Neoprenanzug

Tips for your surf lesson on Fuerteventura
#1: wear a superhero wetsuit

A surf course in Fuerteventura is the perfect opportunity to bring out your inner superhero. Choose a wetsuit with an eye-catching superhero design to enhance your surfer look. Go for bold colors that reflect your personality and maybe even add a cape or mask to embody the ultimate surfer superhero. The other students will admire you and the waves will shake with respect as you fly through the water like a surfer superhero. If you are looking for these heroic suits here in our surf school on Fuerteventura, we have to disappoint you. Please bring your own red cape and mask to complete your outfit.

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Tips for your surf lesson on Fuerteventura
#2: Greet the waves with a choreography

Imagine paddling towards the first wave on your board. Instead of just concentrating on your balance, show the waves who’s in charge! Dance a little choreography on your board and show them that you are the king or queen of the waves. Turn your surfboard into a stage and perform the best surf moves. Wave your arms, turn elegantly and let them know you’ve come to impress. You’ll see them tremble in awe. The waves will be completely under your control from this moment on.

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Tips for your surf lesson on Fuerteventura
#3: Talk to the fishes

Yes, you read that right. The fish in the sea are your allies. Before you ride your first wave, have a chat with them. Tell them about your surfing dreams and ask them about their best surfing tactics. They might not answer you directly, but it’s a great way to get in the mood for the surf course and connect with nature. Who knows, they might even share their secret wave tips with you! You might even realize that you have a shared passion for ocean adventures. With this in mind, “blubb blubb”!


Tips for your surf lesson on Fuerteventura
#4: Learn “Surf Yoga”

The key to success in surfing lies in the flexibility and balance of your body. Instead of just concentrating on surfing, you should definitely learn “surf yoga”. This is a special yoga practice in which you perform yoga poses on the board. Yes, you heard right, yoga on a surfboard! Imagine standing on your board in a warrior pose or paddling in a proud tree pose. This may sound absurd, but it will help you improve your body control and have a lot of fun at the same time. You will see how you balance on the waves with ease, as if you are dancing in harmony with them. It is very important to be mindful and look very hard!

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Tips for your surf lesson on Fuerteventura
#5: Sing with the seagulls

When you’re lying on your board in the water waiting for the next wave, sing along with the seagulls. Yes, you heard right – sing! The seagulls might be confused, but you’ll feel great. Sing your favorite surf songs or improvise your own surf song. It will help you to de-stress and focus on what’s important: the fun of surfing. Maybe the seagulls will even sing with you in a choir and together you’ll form the best surf music duo the island has ever heard! Just let your moods run free. Whether it’s heavy metal or pop songs, the seagulls will get involved with everything. You can find out more about these fascinating animals here!

tipps für deinen surfkurs auf fuerteventura surflehrerin

Tips for your surf lesson on Fuerteventura
#6: spend time with your surf coach

Take the time to make friends with your surf coaches. Go for a coffee with them, swap surfing stories and ask them for their ultimate insider tip for a successful surf session. It may sound absurd, but you’ll be surprised how much you can benefit from their knowledge and experience. Who knows, maybe they have developed a special technique to communicate with the waves or knows a secret wave pass that will help you get incredible rides! Our surf instructors will always be particularly happy if you ask them if they have ever been barreled and what was the biggest wave they ever surfed. After the third beer at the latest, they’ll tell you about their surf trips and you’ll be hanging on their every word.

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Tips for your surf lesson on Fuerteventura
#7: Learn the language of the waves

Waves have their own language, and if you want to become a successful surfer, you need to understand it. Before your surf course, sit down with a dictionary and learn the meaning of terms like “tube”, “cutback”, “floater”, “A-frame” and “barney”. Then use them in every conversation you have, be it with other surfers or even with the waves themselves. You’ll be surprised how well the waves respond to your “language skills”. They might give you a few extra waves as a reward for understanding their secret language!

Tips for your surf lesson on Fuerteventura
#8: Learn with Youtube & Co

You can find great videos on the video platform that explain the basics and give you great tips on how to become an even better surfer. If you have any questions, you can also contact us at any time.

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Our tips for your surf lesson on Fuerteventura

That’s it, the absurd secrets to a successful surf lesson on Fuerteventura. Remember that the key to success is to have fun and enjoy the waves. So leave your worries behind, put on your superhero wetsuit and rock the waves like a true surfing superhero! These were our tips for your surf lesson on Fuerteventura.

Have fun and good waves!