1. When you fall your bones don’t break. Because you’re landing on a cushion of bubbles and water. If you take on other extreme sports, like mountainbiking, you’re going to break something sooner or later. Speed + hard surface = pain.
  2. Surfpots are in the most beautiful places on earth.
  3. You can do it naked.
  4. Boardshorts or Bikini is all you need. No protection gear, no bulky jackets. And even onshore we do look awesome.
  5. Surfers are environmentally friendly. Sure, so are other athelts who spend a lot of time outside. But surfers seem to have a special connection to their element and they very often take part in activities like beach cleaning.
  6. We have the best music. Only few sports can claim to have their own music genre. Surfing can. From hawaiian hula music to Jack Johnson, surf music has a long history.
  7. There is a surfing superhero! Silver Surfer.
  8. Surfing has a long and interesting history. 300 years ago the polynesians started to surf just for the fun of it.