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The Blue surf movie night started in Germany. Highlight will be the movie „The Old, The Young & The Sea“. It’s the first european surf documentation. The film crew drove with camping busses throught France, Spain and Portugal.  Not only the beaches and waves were documented, also the people and their daily life at the atlantic coast. 

The filmmakers Mario Hainzel and Andreas Jaritz focused the personality of the people and their way of life at the sea.
The movie is not only about surfers, also about enviromentalists and sailors and everybody who shares the fascination of the sea. Inspirering encounters and personal stories of diffrent characters: a france underground surf hero, a english dropout, a basqued fisherman and the portuguese big-wave-crew, which take it on with the century swell Nazaré.

Curious? Here you can find the trailor:


The Old, the Young & the Sea – Official Trailer from The Old the Young and the Sea on Vimeo.

Our Freshsurf Team from the surfcamp at Fuerteventura was really stoked of this documentation of surfing. Perhaps it motivates you for surfing at our surfcamp.