About surfing

Information about the history of surfing, tricks and the ABC of Surfing


History of Surfing

A gift from Polynesia to the world : ” Sometimes 20-30 men go with the swell of the waves of the sea , lie flat on an oval piece of wood the size and width of their feet leave it directly and use their arms to the plank control . Wait until the surf is at its highest , and paddle all to rustle together with the arms , to stay on the top of the waves and with astonishing speed toward the beach ( … ) “

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Trick Tips with Surfline TV

On this page we have shown you a selection of different maneuvers in small clips. Those videos provide you with the exact instructions as how to learn or perform a certain trick. The videos are always made by pro surfer, who explain the different tricks. Enjoy watching and learning .

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Glossary for Surfing – the ABC of Surfing

In these pages we creat, with your help, our glossary of surfing with all terms and words on the subject of surfing. If you click on one of the letters, you will be led to the terms starting with this letter!

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