Tons of garbage are floating in our oceans. 19 year old student Boyan Slat has been in the print- and online media several times but we at FreshSurf think it’s always appropriate to remind people of such topics. Plastics decompose into small particles and are consumed by fish and therefore even by us humans!

Boyan has developed a method to filter these plastics out with the help of two floating tubes which measure 100 kilometres together. Filters are attached to these tubes and through the natural currents the ocean „cleans itself“. This model is not harmful to the animals that inhabit the sea.

The garbage is collected in a tower like container. Ships are passing by on a regular basis to empty the container. Through Crowdfunding Boyan was able to collect 800.000$ for his project.

Of course there are also critics. But we in our Surfcamp on Fuerteventura love this idea. Because we care for our environment and the Ocean.