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Your first surf lesson on Fuerteventura

You just want to see if surfing is fun for you and if surfing is something that you may like? Then you are right in our surf course for beginners. We will teach you how to surf on a beautiful beach. You can look forward to a great experience of surfing!

First surf lesson content & information

Our beginner surf lesson to give surfing the first try

first surf lesson

If you have never stood on a surfboard before, then this is the ideal way for you to start surfing.

Surfing is definitely not an easy sport, so it is important to start right from the beginning with the right tips and techniques as well as the right surfboard. We start the first surf lesson with a short theory session (German or English), where we tell you everything you need to know regarding the most important safety rules for surfing.

What are you going to learn in your first surf lesson?

On the first day of surfing, you can expect to learn the basics of surfing, such as:

  1. Surfing equipment: You’ll learn about the different types of surfboards, wetsuits, and other equipment used in surfing.
  2. Safety: You’ll learn about the potential hazards of surfing and how to stay safe in the water. This may include topics such as reading the waves and currents, avoiding collisions with other surfers, and basic first aid.
  3. Paddling: You’ll learn how to paddle on the surfboard using your arms, how to position yourself on the board, and how to navigate through the water.
  4. Standing up: You’ll learn the proper technique for standing up on the board from a lying down position. This is the most important skill in surfing, as it allows you to catch a wave and ride it.
  5. Riding waves: You’ll practice catching waves and riding them to the shore. This will involve learning how to time your paddle and catch the wave, how to maintain your balance on the board, and how to turn and control your speed.

Remember that learning to surf takes practice and patience, and you may not become an expert in just one lesson. However, the first day of surfing can be a fun and exciting experience, and it’s a great way to start building your skills and confidence in the water.

Requirements for your first surf lesson

What kind of experience and skills should you bring for the first surf lesson?

surfen schnupperkurs motivation

First surf lesson

Previous experience: no experience

Requirements: desire to try surfing once, good mood and motivation

  • Swimming 100% 100%
  • Board control & paddeling 0% 0%
  • Knowledge about surfing 0% 0%
  • White water waves 0% 0%
  • Green waves 0% 0%
  • Motivation 100% 100%

Surf course schedule

Where, when and how does the beginner surf course take place?

Price for the first surf lesson

Included services in your first surf lesson


Course duration: 3 to 4 h

approx. 2,5 h in the water

Kleine Gruppen

Small Group

1 surf instructor : 4-6 students

Spottransfer von der Surfschule zum Strand

Surfspot Shuttle

to the best surf spot

surfcamp fuerteventura qualitaet


Personal injury or property damage to third parties



Surfboard, wetsuit, lycra, leash, wax, etc.

Our guest reviews

These are the reviews for the surfing taster course in Fuerteventura

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My girlfriend and I just wanted to see if surfing was something for us. We are on fire and completely surprised how much fun the hours were with FreshSurf. Thanks for this great first surf lesson. We will be back!

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