Everybody can order a cappucchino or espresso. The Italian coffee culture in Germany has many followers. In Spain, this fan base is often stuck. On the Peninsula and the Canary Islands you have a different vocabulary use – so in Cotillo. And, that makes it even more difficult, the owner of our favourite backery (El Goloso), is a Frenchman. But this actually does not matter, cause the order is still in Spanish. So if you need a little caffeine kick in the morning or afternoon, here are some terms and definitions that might help you.

Café solo: If you are ordering a café solo in Goloso, you get an espresso.

Café cortado is an “espresso” with a dash of milk or milk foam.

Café con leche: The Spanish version of the latte is called café con leche (with milk).This is prepared one half each of espresso and milk.

Café cortado leche y leche is for the foodies among you, who like it a little sweeter. It consists of espresso, steamed milk plus regular sweetened condensed milk.

Café Americano is a filter coffee, sometimes a prolonged water café solo.

Barraquito – after the surf course you can also order a Barraquito or two. However, there is no such hot beverage in Goloso. It consists of espresso, liqueur or rum, faomed milk and lemon zest.

By the way… at our Italian neighbor Massimo you can still order your espresso and cappuccino before or after your surf session.