For riding the waves of Fuerteventura you need muscles, which we don’t need in our everyday life. You can train your body, so that you are not tired out of your first surf session. To prepare your arm muscles for paddeling, you can go swimming. 
By the take-of,  you put yourself up from the board you also need your arm muscles.  Those ones you can train with  some press-ups.
Balance is very importent for surfing. You can practice your balance on an Indo-Board. If you don’t have one, you can use a seesaw.
Your general fitness should always be trained, you need it for every kind of sport. To be fit, you can go running or bike riding. Beside your arm muscles you should also train your back and legs with some back-extensions and knee bends. 
Get fit for your next surf holidays and we will meet us in our surfcamp at Fuerteventura