Spanischlexikon-wIf you come to our FreshSurf Office on Fuerteventura we can understand you. But what if you want to rent a surfboard somewhere else in Spain? We collected some of the most important words and idioms:

Wax: la cera 

To rent: alquilar

Fins: las quillas

Wetsuit: el traje (de neopreno)

Softboard: la tabla de espuma

I’d like to rent a surfboard (for 2 days) – Quiero alquilar una tabla de surf (para dos dias).

I’m a beginner – Estoy principante

I have experience– Tengo experiencia.

Which board size would you like? – ¿Que tamaño buscas?

An 8’0 Softboard – Una tabla de espuma de ocho pies.

I need a wetsuit size M – Necesito un traje de la talla M.

I’ve lost a fin – He perdido una quilla.