Elliot Morales ” Pacific VS Atlantic” from LINKtv on Vimeo.

From 28.09. until 24.11. the festival international de cinema de surf de canarias is taking place on four of our beautiful islands. It’s a way of celebrating the passion that we all share: Living by the ocean, our love to surf and its lifestyle. This festival wants to put together directors, athletes, friends and family to enjoy several stories captured by the cameras of the best artists of this genre.

There will be shown a lot of documentary films about surf, bodyboard and skating – and their variations. The screened films have been directed by local, national and international artists that try to capture the most artistic side of our community. The festival will also screen films about the protection of the environment, seminars, photography exhibitions, concerts and special guests.

This trailer is about Elliot Moreales movie. He is a bodyboarder and compares the atlantic with the pacific.