El Cotillo

The small fishing village is our and soon also your home at the ocean.


Fuerteventura and El Cotillo – our home!

FreshSurf is located on on the westside of the north of Fuerteventura. With three thousand hours of sunshine a year, Fuerteventura is the closest Canary Island to the African coast with only 100 km separating the ‘Punta de la Entallada’ from Cape Juby in Morroco and is the second largest (after Tenerife) of all the islands.

There is no other island in the Canaries with as many enormous sand dunes and long sandy beaches (more than one hundred and fifty). Even though most of the land on Fuerteventura consists of stone and rock, this island has some of the most impressive beaches in the whole of Europe. Approx 98km long and 30km across at the widest point.

Our surf camp is located on the North-West coast of the Canary Island of Fuerteventura.

Besides shifting sand dunes in the North-East, mountainous landscape in the interior and steep cliffs on the West coast, the island offers many sandy beaches.

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El Cotillo and its surroudings

The Northern part of the island around Corralejo, facing Lanzarote, is the main-area for surfing with its long beaches and reef breaks on the East and West coast. Our small fishing-village offers everything for a relaxing time: a supermarket (open until 9pm), shops, restaurants, bars, a small harbour, as well as a quiet and cosy atmosphere. Besides our picturesque beaches, El Cotillo stands out as a result of its lunar and desert-like landscapes. Not far away from Cotillo is the tourist Mecca of Corralejo, which has already developed into an oasis for surfers. Here you will find surf shops, bars, restaurants and nightclubs. We are located right here


The climate

On Fuerteventura there are around 3000 hours of sunshine per year, which means an average of 8 hours of pure sunshine a day. There is a consistent climate all year long which led to the nickname of “Island of the everlasting Spring!”


Surf spots

Surfers will find amazing surf spots and an incredible environment with a mix of palm trees, desert and the ocean. Fuerteventura offers consistent swells all year round and there are a variety of spots suiting different levels of ability. In general all surf spots are remote from tourist attractions and are largely visited by surfers only. The waves of the North-shore are long, strong and often perfect. Mostly you are looking at reef breaks, but there are a few beach breaks which offer perfect conditions for beginners – e.g. El Cotillo, Playa del Esquinzo or Playa del Morro. The water temperature varies in the range of 18° to 23° Celsius depending whether it is summer or winter time. The average air temperature is around 23° and is still high during winter. We prefer to surf in board shorts in summer and 3/2-Wetsuits in winter, but strictly recommend a wetsuit for our guests for safety reasons and to maintain a comfortable temperature. Fuerteventura and the other Canary Islands are Europe’s top ranked winter surf destinations.

Surfspots Fuerteventura
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El Cotillo on a map


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Restaurants in El Cotillo

El Cotillo offers a large selection of different restaurants and cafés. Whether you want to eat traditional spanish tapas, local fish, tasty pizza, a healthy salad or just a little snack – here in El Cotillo you’ll find whateveryou look for.

Just have a look at our Restaurant Guide.

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Active recreation on Fuerteventura 

Apart from surfing, Fuerteventura has so much more to offen than you might think. We offer different kinds of sport and leisure activities – some are more active, some are rather passive. No matter which kind of activity you chose to do, your well-being is always paramount to us.

Here you can find more information about all the activities that we offer in our Surfcamp on Fuerteventura.

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