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Puertito de los Molinos – a daytrip to the small fishing harbour to relax and dangle your soul. Surfing with Majoreros, fishing and caves to discover – los Molinos is a true hidden gem.

Do you want to unwind and get stranded in a place where simplicity defines life? The beautiful bay of Los Molinos has not been left behind by the original charm of a fishing village. Surfing with majoreros, fishing for experts and caves for explorers – Los Molinos is a real gem.

Klippe Los Molinos

A spectacular restaurant awaits you in Los Molinos

My personal highlight in Los Molinos is the restaurant Los Bohemians del Amor. Even though there is another pub right at the parking space at the beginning of the village, Los Bohemians already caught my eye from afar.

The restaurant is located on the northern cliff on the roof top terrace of a house. After walking through the village, you will see old hammocks hanging from the roof of the restaurant terrace. The modesty of the furnishings and the menu initially raised doubts. But in the following hours a bearded man and a young italian woman spoiled us with the most delicious lunch. The vegetarian pasta is probably the best what I ate in a long time, the fish of the day simply blew us away and the homebaked bread was absolutely amazing. And while we ate we could admire the surfing skills of some locals from the sunny roof top terrace. 

ANsicht Restaurant

Fun fact: The slightly older, bearded owner is actually a lawyer and continues to run the generational restaurant alongside his PhD in criminology.

The bay of Los Molinos is surrounded by fantastic cliffs. To the north is the cliff La Cresta, which is also known as the Crest, where Majoreros like to sunbathe at the weekend. During my visit, I was able to observe two well-equipped fishers casting their rods into the water there. After not too long, they strutted back to the car, satisfied with two hands full of fish. However, you should always be careful when exploring this cliff, as the height and strength of the waves is and remains unpredictable, so you can easily be knocked off the rocks. To the south of the bay is the 40-metre-high Punta de la Vega Vieja cliff. At sunset, you can enjoy a wonderful view over the bay and the village of Los Molinos.

Fischerort Los Molinos

Even today, Los Molinos has no connection to the electricity grid

At Puertito de Los Molinos, the small port of the windmills, there are around 20 colorful little houses. Apparently there is still no connection to the electricity grid in the village, which is why it is generated from diesel generators. A solar-powered street light has provided some light in the dark since 2016.

Fishing boats were once pulled ashore in Los Molinos, which initially brought their catch to the market at the former trading port of Puerto de la Cruz. The trading port was located directly behind the southern cliff Punta de la Vega Vieja. This not uncommon division of the ports into two is partly due to the necessary mobility of the fishermen.

In Los Molinos, for example, the fish were processed directly after the daily sweeping in and out of the boats. Due to the nature of the bay of Los Molinos, namely the shallow water depth of a maximum of 3 meters at low tide and low water, no merchant ship could have entered here without tearing its hull open on a boulder. The goods were therefore transported by boat from Los Molinos to Puerto de la Cruz.

Wellen Los Molinos

Los Molinos: how to get there

You don’t even need to take a gravel road to get to the small fishing village. No matter which direction you are coming from, the Los Molinos exit is signposted on the FV207. You then follow the FV221 for around 10 kilometers, which ends directly in the bay of Los Molinos. There is a designated sandy parking lot where you can park your car. Fun fact: Some ducks will greet you directly.

Los Molinos – where you can forget time

I’m packing my bagpack for the day and I bring…

With sufficient water, sun protection, a book and a lottle money I was well equipped to spend an afternoon in the idyliic Fisher village. A sweater is part of your daily basic equipment on the windy island anyway.

A Surftrip to the South of Fuerteventura

Ausflusgziele Fuerteventura

But what could be better than exploring foreign countries and driving along the coasts in your own van? Searching for the best waves. Being able to sleep anywhere and listen to the sound of the sea as you fall asleep and wake up. We love it: life in the van, your home with you at all times.