„My art is a daydream. I get lost in the process of painting and drawing; it is the only part of my life that has never had rules. Every person that sees my work has a different interpretation of the meaning and I like it that way.“ This statement is from Andy Davis, born in California. He was born into an artist family so it’s hardly surprising he has an artistic disposition, too. Art became a part of his life when he was very young. Every day he was drawing his experiences of the day. After high school he went to an art school where he was very successful. When he graduated he took his works and started a clothing company called „free“. 1996 he hab to close it again – maybe because he was too young. But even though all this was a great practice and help for his future career as an artist. Today he is designing for huge companies like as Billabong. On his website you also can buy some prints he made.