The oficial German surf championship will take place in St.Giron in France from the 06.-13. september. The competitors could mess in different categories:

Open class, Open Class Women, Juniors, Seniors, Longboarder and Bodyboarder. In the open classes, they could surf with every surf board they want. The longboarder have to surf a board, which is taller than 9 ft. Juniors have to be younger than 18, otherwise they could registrate in the open class. Until the 24.August all surfers from Germany could registrate and then there is a deadline and the classes will be defined. There is a minimum for 8 persons per category.
There is a general criteria for all classes: not the quantity of tricks is important, but the quality. Radikale and controlled manoeuvers at the most steeply part of the wave will bring most of the points. Equal how difficult your trick is, if you don’t control your board, you won’t get much points for this wave. Also old school tricks are very popular by longboarders. E.g. Hang Ten, Hang Five, Cross Steps or Fin First Take-Off.
A heat will take about 15-30 minutes, in this time the surfers could show their talents. The most important norm they have to remember is:
The surfer who is closer to the breaking part of the wave may drive up.

Our Freshsurf Team from the surfcamp at Fuerteventura wishesh every surfer good luck. If you want to practice a bit in our surf courses at Fuerteventura, just visit us in our surfschool