Lilly, who was a guest in our surfcamp at Fuerteventura is a tattoo artist and wrote us, why she has tattooed our Freshsurf wave. For her, it is not important that other people are tatooed, it’s about the person and not the colour under the skin. A good statement, which tell much about her personality and her character. In the next paragraph she describe herself a little bit and explains why she choosed the Freshsurf wave as her next tattoo:


I love life, creativity and the joy of being. I want to see many parts of the world and so I decide to do a journey round the world bevor starting a family. Last year my best friend died because of tragically circumstances and with this my view of life changed alot. I only want to do things, which make me happy and I want to make people lucky.
It ist he most wonderful feeling to see cheerful faces, when I prick someone a for them meaningful tattoo.
I define freedom doing what you want and love. I think the major part of humans is unhappy with their jobs, relationships or their look.For me, this is sad…

Lilly in Hamburg              Lilly auf Fuerte

You only live once! Last year I said, I want to surf! I took a seat in front of my laptop and booked a week in the surfcamp of Freshsurf at Fuerteventura. It was such a great time, of course on week was very short and I only had little succes, but this was okay,because I was so happy there. And for this wonderful time I had to have a memory for my life…and this was for me the Freshsurf wave.  

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