Hurry, stress and anonymity…for most people this is everyday life in a large city. We walk next to our fellow men without really see them. A homless guy who is sitting on the ground is not regarded. The three students in this video had a great idea, to break on the every day life in Germany. They did this many times, just to show other people how easy it actually is to make someone a pleasure.
The organisation „be jay e.V. was founded to make people happy with their actions.
Certainly, the video is „only“ a production. The guys from „be japy e.V.“ gave a statement and explained, that they re-enact the scene because they didn’t want to see themselves over the homless man. When you film somebody without his acoordance, they say, it is disrespectful. So they didn’t film the real situation, because they have respect and accept these people.
The video is about the metaphor and the inspiration, which should be seen in the movie.

Our Freshsurf team of the surfcamp at Feurteventura really like this video. It’s a great idea to make people happy.