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The Surf Companion – A surfing illustrator and a surf instructor meet at a surf camp in Spain, combine the expertise of one with the artistic skills of the other and the ultimate workbook for surfers is born – your Surf Companion!

The Surf Companion – Table of Contents

Surf Companion - Inhaltsverzeichnis

The Surf companion – who is behind it all?

The idea of the Surf Companion workbooks were born, when Florian Hättich, designer and illustrator and Daniel Spes, sport therapist and ISA II licensed surf coach met in a surf camp in spain. Florian is a passionate “holiday surfer”, who knows too well how those of us feel who live far away from the ocean and can only spend some weeks at the time at the ocean.

After surfing, he wrote down his input on surfing techniques and manoeuvres in the form of small drawings to document his own progress. Daniel joined him and the idea was quickly born to combine Florian’s drawings with Daniel’s surfing knowledge in a workbook for surfers.

The result is two booklets that surfers and anyone who wants to become one can use to expand and deepen their knowledge of surfing with detailed drawings and short, concise texts.

surf companion - die hefte

Surf Companion – The Workbooks

The authors prefer to call their Surf Companions books “Workbooks”. They accompany you in your process of learning to surf  and can (and shall) be used actively. like that, the Surf Companion quickly becomes your best Surf buddy (made from paper).

You can document your own progess and fill the books with notes to new input from your surf coaches. You will find enough space on the pages in the workbook, to write down your thoughts and insights. There are even board log-lists and completely empty pages which can help you to document your progress in surfing.


surf companion aufgeschalgen

Because in spite of all the detailed information that you can find in the books, the authors do encourage to take surf lessons, to receive feedback from professional surf coaches on-site. 

The edition for beginner surfers is available in English as well as in German, the Intermediate Surf Comapnion is available in English only. The workbooks are printed climate-neutrally on recycled paper and can be ordered via the Surf Companions website.

surf companion lesen und lernen

The Beginners Surf Companion

The Beginners Surf Companion picks up beginning surfers and consolidates the basics of surfing. (Beginning) surfers will first find detailed information about equipment (what do all the numbers on the wetsuits actually mean) and how to use the surfboard and wetsuit correctly. There is also a lot of important information about the different types of surf spots (waves on the beach and on the reef), wave formation and the different conditions. Even if it seems complicated at first, all this information is essential to be able to read and understand surf forecasts yourself later on.

surf companion am strand

The detailed illustrations in the book impressively demonstrate how waves are created, where and how beginner surfers should enter the water, how to handle the board so as not to injure themselves or other surfers and how best to protect themselves from other surfers, their boards or other objects in the sea while surfing.

But not only this important background knowledge about surfing and the ocean is covered, but of course also correct paddling techniques, the position on the board and how to take off in white water. The illustrations show step by step the important techniques that will help you progress in surfing, point out typical mistakes and how to avoid them.

surf companion strand
surf companion - lesen und anwenden

The Intermediate Surf Companion

For those who already have some surfing experience, have a good command of the take-off and can already consciously steer the surfboard and have already surfed their first small green waves, there is “The Intermediate Surf Companion”. This booklet in the series is already in its 3rd edition.

Intermediates are also given a brief introduction to the different types of waves, the parts of the wave, conditions, positioning in the line-up and – very importantly – surf etiquette. Because while beginning surfers are often in waist-high white water, intermediate surfers are of course already paddling into the line-up and should definitely know the basic rules of behaviour. This way, conflicts with more experienced surfers can be avoided in advance.

surf companions - surf etiquette

In addition to an in-depth look at paddling technique, intermediate surfers will also find great tips in this book on how to ride the wave, how to generate speed and, above all, how to make turns and manoeuvres.

The detailed drawings show the positioning on the board and the sequence of movements for both goofies and regular surfers. The step-by-step instructions make it easy to visualise and internalise the movements and practise them on dry land.

The Surf Companion – Who are the books suitable for?

The Surf Companions | Surf book are an absolute recommendation for all surfing enthusiasts and those who want to become one. Even more experienced surfers will find plenty of tips and background information that is useful for everyone. The booklets are great companions for your next surf trip, no matter where it takes you. The concrete instructions, advice and insights will help you improve your skills and achieve your surfing goals. Just like real surf buddies.

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“There are million ways to surf and as long as you smile while doing it, you are doing it right!”