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Surfers paradise Fuerteventura: ideal conditions, perfect waves and relaxed surf vibes

Surf holidays on Fuerteventura promise good waves all year round, a relaxed atmosphere, beautiful beaches and an amazing variety of water sport opportunities besides surfing. FreshSurf offers accommodation and surf lessons as well as board & equipment rental for all surf level.

Surf holidays – Overview

Experience the best surf holidays on Fuerteventura

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Fuerteventura is one of the most popular Canarian Island for surf holidays, which offers perfect conditions for surfing all year round.

Whether you are beginner or a professional, whether you are a solo traveler or travelling with friends, whether you have a small or a bigger budget, Fuerteventura has something up its sleeve for everyone. In this article you will read about the advantages of surf holidays and how to plan the surf holidays of your dreams.

When is the best time for surf holidays on Fuerteventura?

Fuerteventura is the second biggest island of the Canary Islands and the destination of dreams for many surfers. Thanks to the sunny and mild climate the island offers perfect conditions for surfing all year round. The temperature of the water lies between 18°C and 23°C, depending on the time of the year, the air temperature somewhere between 20°C and 30°C. That means, that you can enjoy your surf holidays all year round without being too cold or too hot. This combination of perfect weather and great waves makes the island a true surfers paradise.

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Surf holidays on Fuerteventura: The Hawaii of Europe

Fuerteventura is often called the Hawaii of Europe and that for a very good reason. The island offers a variety of surf spots, that are suitable for all styles and levels. This variety of surf spots is another reason, why the island is so attractive for surfers. Popular surf spots at the North Shore between El Cotillo and Corralejo attract surfers from all over the world. From soft beach breaks for beginners to challenging reef breaks for advanced surfers – from long point breaks for Longboarder to short and fast tubes for Shortboarder – from calm bays for families to wild coasts for adventurers – Fuerteventura has it all.

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Fuerteventura offers a lot

Fuerteventura is also a beautiful island, which has much more to offer than just surfing. The landscape is characterized by volcanic mountains, golden sand dunes, green oasis’ and crystal-clear lagoons. The island has a rich culture and history, which you can discover in its many picturesque villages, the historic churches and traditional festivals. The island also has a lively nightlife, shopping and gastronomy scene that offers something for everyone.

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Surf holidays in El Cotillo

El Cotillo on Fuerteventura is famous for its breathtaking beaches, picturesque landscapes that attract surfers from all over the world, who are looking for diverse surf spots and want to experience the spectacular environment.

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Besides the beaches the surroundings of El Cotillo also offer a diverse landscape, ranging from impressive volcanic formations to lush dune landscapes. The Lighthouse, Faro de Toston, which rises majestically at the coast, offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding landscape and the azure blue ocean.  The surroundings of El Cotillo are therefore not only a paradise for surfers, but also for nature lover and adventurers who want to experience the beauty of the Canarian Islands in all their facets.

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The right accommodation for your surf holidays on Fuerteventura

FreshSurf offers a variety of cozy accommodations on Fuerteventura, including our Surfhouse, the Surfvillas in Lajares as well as apartments.

These accommodations are not only very well equipped, but also located close to the surf spots, which makes the stay for surfer even more interesting. The surfhouse in El Cotillo for example offers double rooms, single rooms and a triple room, a cozy common area to eat and chill as well as a terrace with a small garden.

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Our guests can relax after an exciting day of surfing at the Hawaii-like beaches of Fuerteventura. The surf villa Kiana in Lajares offers relaxation on its huge roof-top terrace in a quiet location. Our accommodations not only offer a comfortable place to spend the night, but also the perfect environment to relax after a day full of fun surf-action and relive the impressions of the day.

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Surf holidays with the right surf school and feel-good surf lessons

At FreshSurf on Fuerteventura we have tailored surf lessons for all levels. Beginner surfers as well as Intermediates can profit from the individually customized lessons, taught by our passionate and professional surf coaches.

Our flexible lesson times and locations allow our guests to make the most of their surf vacation depending on seasonal and weather conditions.  El Cotillo for example offers with its wide range of beaches and waves the ideal environment for beginner surfers to work on their surfing skills and build up confidence.


On the other hand, intermediates can accept the challenge of the bigger waves and more demanding conditions at the Northshore to bring their surfing skills to the next level. This versatility makes FreshSurf a great choice for surfers of all levels who are looking for a personalized and enriching surfing experience and want to improve their skills in different environments.


Surf holidays on Fuerteventura in a relaxed atmosphere

At FreshSurf on Fuerteventura we offer our guests not only high-quality surf lessons and accommodations, but also an inviting and relaxed atmosphere in our surfcamp. The friendly and familial environment creates the perfect background to make new friends and completely immerse in the surf culture. The community atmosphere in our surfcamp invites our guests to share their passion for surfing with the other guests and to feel at ease in a relaxed environment.


The relaxed and friendly atmosphere at the surf camp creates a welcoming environment for all surfers, regardless of their experience level, and allows them to experience the beauty and joy of surfing to the fullest.

The community and relaxed surfing culture at FreshSurf Surfcamp lets guests not only improve their surfing skills, but also to have an unforgettable time with like-minded people. The atmosphere is characterized by fun, friendship and a shared passion for surfing, which makes the stay an unforgettable experience.


Why should you spend your surf holidays at FreshSurf?

If you are looking for a surf school and a surfcamp on Fuerteventura for your surf holidays, FreshSurf is your best choice! FreshSurf is a surf school and surf camp that has been operating in El Cotillo, a charming fishing village on the north-west coast of the island, since 2009. FreshSurf offers you a personal and familial surf experience, which is tailored to your needs and wishes.


At FreshSurf you can choose between different surf packages, that include accommodation and surf lessons. You can choose between apartments, Surfvillas, Surfhouse, Beach House or a Surf Hotel, depending on your comfort and budget. All our accommodations are modern, clean and cozy and are close to the ocean and the surf school.

FreshSurf the perfect choice when spending your surf holidays on Fuerteventura!

  • Great waves to practice 90% 90%
  • Beautiful beaches 100% 100%
  • Different accommodations & packages 95% 95%
  • Professional surf school 100% 100%
  • Relaxed Feel-Good atmosphere 100% 100%