Surf lessons for children on Fuerteventura

Learning to surf for the little ones

Surf lessons for kids – overview

Get an insight into our surf lessons for children on Fuerteventura!

Surf lessons for kids on Fuerteventura – children learn quick

Especially in the surf lessons for children in our surf camp on Fuerteventura 

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Learning to surf for the smaller and the smallest ones in our surf lessons for children!

Surfing is one of those sports that children can learn really well alone or together with the whole family. Our individual support guarantees a quick learning progress for everyone. Surfing is especially for the young ones easier to learn – at least in comparison to the older beginner surfers amongst us.


Learning to surf for the “youngsters” in our surf lessons for children

The kids show us every day again how easy surfing can be and how relaxed they are on the surf boards. In an environment which seems to be made for our younger guests, they can learn to surf with a lot of fun. We mix the young ones with the adults in our surf lessons  – so you can participate in the surf lessons together with your kids or see who wins the duel old against young.
In our FreshSurf surf school on Fuerteventura we strive to get our youngest guests on the right track with supportive movement tasks and child-friendly methods and to accompany them along the way – always with a smile on their face!

Good vibes happen on the tides

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Fun in the water with like-minded people in our surf lessons for kids

In our surf lessons for children you can enjoy the amazing feeling of surfing with special school boards. The lessons take place in flat bays in standing-deep water.
Our very experienced surf coaches check the surf conditions every day. And they will show you all the tricks to have fun in and on the water.
While doing so we especially focus on the safe handling of the surf board and the right assessment of the waves. In our surf lessons for children we get the kids used to the waves without a board at first and then increase day by day.

Paddling, jumping, standing – surfing can be so easy

All our surf coaches are licensed and lifeguards as well. Thanks to their experiences your children are in the best hands in our surf lessons for kids. Our instructors are particularly clear about one thing: Children learn differently – at least differently than adults!
Instead of thinking movements through first and have long theoretical input, they just want to try surfing. What works will be repeated. That’s how they reach their goal fast and step by step.

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Which methods and didactics do you use in your surf lessons for kids?

Surfing for children requires a variety of strategies to make learning easy and enjoyable for them. These vary according to age, but also according to the teaching method used.
Initiation is the way to introduce children to surfing. This technique aims to familiarize children with the water, take away their fear of it and make them feel comfortable in the water. Motor skills are developed in this age group mainly through games such as running and jumping.

When is the best age to start with surfing?

Kids between 7 and 10 years are the best age group to introduce them to surfing. From getting to know the boards and the wetsuits to riding the first wave sometimes doesn’t take longer than one day.

What are the advantages of learning to surf for children?

The advantage is in the practice of the neuromuscular coordination; surfing helps children to improve their balance, coordination, motoric skills and their concentration. The children start to build a relation to their natural environment.
Surfing is a great sport when children have problems like fears, stress, or their self-confidence. It helps them to socialize, learning to work in a team and take responsibility.

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Learn to surf together in our family surf lesson

Familien Surfkurs

Learn surfing together with your whole family. Want to bet that the kids are way ahead of you older ones and will learn super fast? Or convince us of the opposite – we look forward to seeing you as a family!

Private Surf Coaching - for the fast learners amongst you!

Private Surf Coaching

A private Coaching offers you the possibility to work with one surf coach on certain techniques and maneuvers or to reserve a surf lesson just for you as a family.
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Questions and answers about our surf lessons and surf boards

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