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Learning to surf for young and old and every level!

Our surf lessons – Overview

Which surf lesson suits you best?

Whether you are young or old – individual surf lessons on Fuerteventura

Surf lessons on Fuerteventura for every age, every fitness level and any knowledge about surfing. We welcome everyone with open arms in our surf school here on Fuerteventura and can’t wait to meet you! Surfing is a big part of our life and we are looking forward to share our passion with you. You will find all the general information and answers about the surf lessons at FreshSurf. If you want to directly book your surf lessons you can find our different offers for surf lessons here!

Surf lessons in small groups of 4 to 5 persons

Surf lessons on Fuerteventura

We want to teach you surfing in a small group of 4-5 persons with your own surf coach. The surf lessons are meant for everyone. Your age, fitness level or your previous knowledge of surfing does not matter.
FreshSurf on Fuerteventura offers you an amazing time at the ocean with active relaxation. We invite you to get to know our favorite island from its best side. Get to know the unique lifestyle which is guaranteed not to let you go afterwards.

Which surf lessons do we offer?

Our surf lessons for various surf level here on Fuerteventura!

surfen schnupperkurs surfkurs fuerteventura

Introduction to surfing

Surf lessons for starters to get a first impression of surfing. You will be with us for 3-4 hours on one of the most beautiful beaches of the island and get your first surfing experience.

anfängersurfkurs fuerteventura

Surf lessons for beginners

Our surf classes for beginners take 2-5 days. You learn to surf under the guidance of our surf coaches and will be standing on the board soon! You will definetly have a lot of fun and success!

surfen aufsteiger surfkurs fuerteventura

Surf lessons for Intermediates

If you already have some surf experience this is exactly the right class for you, to improve your surfing. In our intermediate surf lessons we will build on your experience and give the last touch to your surfing.
anfängersurfkurs fuerteventura

Private Surf Coaching

Surf lessons with your own coach are especially suitable for those who want to work on specific parts of their surfing. The surf coach will take time for you and together you’ll reach your goal!

Prices for our surf lessons

We guarantee you an amazing time in our surf lessons here on Fuerteventura!

What makes our surf lessons on Fuerteventura special?

surfkurse fuerteventura dauer

Duration of the surf lessons

Our surf lessons take about 3 to 4 hours. It depends on how much energy you have and how long we will search for the perfect surfspot!
surfkurse fuerteventura kleine gruppen

Group size of our surf lessons

We teach in very small groups: 1 surf coach monitors 4 to 5 surfers. Like this you learn to surf quicker and more intensive.

surfkurse fuerteventura material inklusive

Material in our surf lessons

All material is included: All you need to surf: surfboard, wetsuit, lycra, leash, wax etc. Please bring a towel, dry clothes and something to drink.

surfkurse fuerteventura theorie und praxis

Surf lessons in theory and practice

Our surf lessons are logically structured and we prepare you as good as possible to surf independently soon. In our theory lounge we have prepared all you need to know about surfing.

surfkurse fuerteventura shuttle

Transportation to the surf spot

We will take you with our surf school van to the best suitable surf spot depending on the wave, wind and weather conditions. You won’t spend much time in the car!

surfkurse fuerteventura versicherung

Surf lessons – insurance

During the surf lessons you are insured through us. In case of personal injuries or damage to third parties caused by you, our insurance has you covered.

Why does it make sense to take surf lessons in our surf school?

surfkurse surfen lernen
There are a many reasons why it makes sense to learn to surf in our surf school:

  1. Safety: Surfing can be a sport that is not without danger if you don’t know how to behave in the water or how to deal with unforeseen situations. In our surf school you learn how to behave in the water, how to read waves and how to react in dangerous situations to avoid injuries.
  2. Effective learning: Taking surf lessons in our surf school results in being taught by experienced surf coaches who will show you the right techniques and fundamentals of surfing. You will progress faster than when trying by yourself.
  3. Equipment: Our surf lessons offers you the best equipment you will need to learn surfing.
  4. Fun: Surfing can be a great experience and it is especially fun, when you learn together with others in surf lessons.
  5. Environmental awareness: Environmental protection and sustainability are very important to us in our surf lessons and in our company. We teach our students environmental awareness and how to take care of nature while surfing.

A surf school offers a safe and effective possibility to learn to surf, while getting to know new friends and raise awareness for the environment.

Surf level of the surf lessons in the surf school FreshSurf

Find your perfect surf lesson

We want to offer every single one of our surf students the opportunity to develop his surfing according to his level. Choose the surf class which suits your level and with which you can make the biggest progress. So please be realistic about your skills and abilities. If you are not sure, if your are already ready to participate in our surf lessons at the reef, you might want to choose the intermediate beginner class at the beach for your first day. This way you and our surf coaches have the possibility to realistically assess your surfing skills.

surfen am surferstrand von el cotillo

Beginner or introductory surfing lesson

first surf lesson
If you have never been on a surfboard before, this is the ideal way for you to start with surfing. Surfing is certainly no easy sport. Therefore, it is important to start from the beginning with the right hints and techniques as well as the right surfboard. We start our surf lessons with a short theory introduction (German or English) where we will highlight the most important safety rules of surfing to make sure that you are as safe as possible on the board. Afterwards we will take the material that is best suitable for you with one of our surfer vans to the beach of El Cotillo. After a short warm-up and some exercises on the beach we will hit the water to practice. We will guide you step by step to getting up (Take-Off) and will bring you with lots of fun on the board.

Beginner Surf lessons

Previous experience: none or just very little experience

Requirements: Desire to learn to surf or to improve oneself

  • Swimming 100% 100%
  • Board control & paddling 0% 0%
  • Knowledge about surfing 0% 0%
  • White-water waves 0% 0%
  • Green waves 0% 0%
  • Motivation 100% 100%


  • Safety briefing in handling the surf board and equipment
  • Board techniques in the water
  • Crossing waves part 1
  • Positioning in front of the broken wave
  • Paddling, gliding, getting up
  • Take-off
  • Accompanied by daily changing theory parts (for 5 days)

Advanced beginner lessons (beach)

symbol advanced beginner
If you are still a little unsure with the Take-Off and want to keep practicing to get up in the white water at the beach this surf lessons are what you are looking for. Here we will explain you the right paddle technique, show you the techniques to cross the waves and get to the line up and you will learn to surf waves in the whitewater frontside and backside as well as trimming the board to surf the wave as long as possible.

Previous experience: you have done one or more surf lessons

Requirements: Desire to improve yourself together with other surfers


  • Swimming 100% 100%
  • Board control & paddling 15% 15%
  • Knowledge about surfing 15% 15%
  • White-water waves 20% 20%
  • Green waves 0% 0%
  • Motivation 100% 100%


  • Optimization of your Take-off
  • Take-off techniques (3-Step & Jump)
  • Crossing waves part 2
  • Paddle techniques and board control
  • Riding broken waves sideways
  • Surfing the broken wave frontside and backside 
  • Surfing S-turns
  • The right wipe-out, controlled descent from the board
  • Gaining speed (trimming) and braking

Intermediate Surf lessons (reef)

engl intermediate surf
You have done one or more surf lessons? You are able to paddle into the line-up, master the take-off and can ride a wave straight or even sideways? Then you are at the right place in our intermediate beginner surf lessons. We will work on your techniques, your timing as well as your position in the water. We support you in getting to the next level and improve your style as good as possible.

Intermediate Surf lessons (Reef)

Previous experience: Mastering the take-off in the broken wave, fitness to paddle long and persistent, riding the waves diagonal (frontside & backside)

Requirements: Knowledge of the rules of right of way in surfing, realistic assessment of your own surf skills

  • Swimming 100% 100%
  • Board control & paddling 30% 30%
  • Knowledge about surfing 30% 30%
  • White-water waves 90% 90%
  • Green waves 0% 0%
  • Motivation 100% 100%


  • Optimization of your take-off in green waves
  • Improvement of your surf style
  • Timing und positioning
  • Riding green waves straight and diagonal
  • Surfing frontside and backside in green waves
  • Surfing rail to rail or pumping to gain speed
  • Bottom-Turn
  • Top-turn
  • Cut-back

Surf lessons for advanced surfers

Advanced Course 1

Private Coaching (Advanced surf lessons)

For those surfers who want to work on individual movements (e.g. timing, positioning, certain turs, rail-to-rail-surfing etc.) and want to get more specific and individual feedback we offer private coaching. Our surf coaches develop individual training plans aiming to improve your technique and your knowledge with special exercises, individual instructions, video coaching and detailed video analysis.

Previous experience: Mastering of the take-off in the broken wave, corresponding fitness, diagonal riding of waves (bottom and top turn on front & backside)

Requirements: rules of right of way of surfing, very good assessment of the own surf skills


  • Optimisation of movements
  • Improvement of your surf style
  • Timing and positioning
  • Surfing frontside and backside in green waves
  • Rail to rail surfing or pumping
  • Carving, bottom and top turn, cut back, snap
  • Individual surf coaching
  • Video coaching with movement analysis

Private Coachings

Private Coachings 1

Private Coaching (Intensive Coaching)

For beginners, advanced beginners or intermediates we offer private coachings where you will be coached individually one-on-one (or two-on-one) by our surf coaches. Focussing on a persistend and individual feedback which should help you to reach your goals even quicker. If you want to have a surf coach all to yourself, this is the right surf lesson for your needs.

Find our more about our private coaching sessions here!

fuerteventura surfkurs

Lesson schedules in the surf school FreshSurf on Fuerteventura

We plan our surf lessons depending on the best conditions: we offer every day one lesson per level depending on the tide. Your class usually starts at the first day after your arrival. Normally, your surf course will take place consecutively according to the number of surf course days booked – unless otherwise requested by you in advance. Please inform us of any wishes in advance so that we can take them into account in the planning.

Book your surf lessons!

Book your surf lesson with FreshSurf now. Whether you prefer surf lessons in a small group or private coaching. We are looking forward to see you!

Requests about our surf lessons

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Our guest reviews

These are the reviews about our surf lessons on Fuerteventura

rezension surfcamp fuerteventura google

bewertung surfcamp fuerteventura gast



I learned to surf super fast in the FreshSurf surf course and progressed every day. The surf school is really cosy, the surf instructors are top notch and you have the feeling that you are not just a number. Thanks for the great time!

Questions and answers about our surf lessons and surf boards 

Making sure that no questions remain open, we answered in our FAQs all of your questions about our surf lessons and our surf boards

Questions & answers

Surf lessons and surf boards

Can I bring my own equipment to Fuerteventura?

Yes of course you can bring and use your own equipment. Otherwise our board rental starts at 15 Euro per 24h – find out more here: board rental.

What kind of surf boards can you rent? Longboards, Funboards, Fish?

Besides beginner boards we have longboards and funboards as well as hybrids and shortboards. Therefore, you can rent what suits you best. If, contrary to expectations, it is not available, there are several shops in the vicinity where we will certainly find the right board for you. Find out more about our board rental here: board rental.

Which wetsuits are available?

We have wetsuits in all sizes, form men, women and children.

Can I book Private Coaching or individual lessons at FreshSurf?

Sure, you can be taught in private lessons by us. That is when we can focus on your strengths and weaknesses – building on the strengths and mitigating the weaknesses. More information about the process and prices of private coaching can be found here: #Surf Coaching.

Can you be sure to learn surfing at FreshSurf?

Unfortunately, there is no learning guarantee in surfing. #surfing is one of the most difficult sports who calls for usually little used muscle groups and balance – some people stand on their first wave (especially children) others need some more time. But we will guarantee you great motivation to get you on the board, the best possible teaching with licensed surf coaches, the best material and suitable wind and wave conditions.

Where do your surf lessons take place?

All surf lessons, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced take place at the beaches or reefs of Fuerteventura. We search everyday for the best wind and wave conditions and choose our surf spot for our surf lessons accordingly. That way we drive every day to the surf spot that is best suited to the surf level of our guests. With our beginners we always start on one of the beautiful beach breaks of Fuerteventura, preferably at our home spot in El Cotillo. There you can first practice in hip deep water on sandy ground safe and in a great beach atmosphere.

Do the surf lessons take place at a beach break or a reef break?

That depends completely on the surf level. Due to our safety measures our beginner lessons take place exclusively at beach breaks. Our intermediate and advanced lessons are taking place on beach or reef breaks depending on the conditions.

What should I bring to the surf lesson?

Beach stuff: Swimming trunks, swimsuit or bikini to wear beneath the wetsuit, towel, sun protection (at least LSF 30), water a little snack and a lot of good humor.

How long does a surf lesson take?

The surf lessons take about 3,5 hours including theory, practice and transportation.

Which language is spoken in your surf lessons?

The surf lesson is hold in English and/or German. Those of you who want to work on their Spanish can asked the coaches for Spanish instructions as well 😉 At the moment we have a German surf coach, all other coaches speak English and Spanish. And additional some speak French and Italian.

Is the transfer to the spot included in the price? Is the shuttle to the beach included in the price?

All transfers to the surf spots are included in the price.

I have already done a beginner lesson, what is the content of the intermediate lesson?

We offer different intermediate lessons: advanced beginner, intermediate beginners and private coaching for advanced surfers.

The advanced beginner lessons for surfers who have done a beginner lesson and now want to learn to surf in green waves. These lessons usually take place at the beach where you can work in the white-water on your take-off and your paddle technique.

Our surf lessons for intermediates is for surfers, who already surf green and want to optimize their techniques and work on their timing and their positioning in the water. These lessons usually take place at the reef.

Our advanced intermediate surf lessons are for already good surfers who want to work on certain movements (timing, positioning, certain turns, rail-to-rail-surfing etc.) and get individual feedback.

Since we only teach in small groups (1:5) and can therefore respond individually to our surf students, we discuss – in addition to our surf lesson program – after the first surf with our advanced surf students what they are already good at and what they would like to learn next. This way, every advanced surfer has their own individual curriculum.


You can find a detailed description about our different surf lesson levels on our website.

When is the best time for a beginner surf lesson?

Since we drive every day to the surf beach with the best conditions according to the surf level of our surfers, every time of the year is the best time to start surfing.

When is the best time for an intermediate surf lesson?

Since we drive every day to the surf beach with the best conditions according to the surf level of our surfers, every time of the year is the best time to improve your surfing in our intermediate surf lessons. When you have already been surfing for a longer time and you want to learn to surf at the reef break (stone reef) the best time for you would be from October to April.

When are the best waves on Fuerteventura?

In general, there are always good waves on #Fuerteventura that is the advantage of an island. If the swell comes from the north the north shore works, if it comes from the east the east coast etc. For every time of the year there are different spots that have the best waves. If you want to surf on the reefs of Fuerteventura the best time would be from October to April. In summer the waves are a bit smaller.

From which age can children participate in your surf lessons?

We teach children from 8 years. To make sure the kids are taught in a safe manner, the surf lessons have to be prepared even more carefully and more staff is needed. This is why we cannot offer a discount for children.

Can you use the surfing material outside the surf lesson?

If available you can use the surf equipment on the day of your surf lesson for free and practice surfing independently.

Can you go surfing in El Cotillo or other surf spots on days without surf lessons?

Of course, you can rent a surf board and a wetsuit in our office.

What is the cost of board and equipment rental and do I have to bring a deposit?

If you are not in our surf lessons anymore, the board rental costs 15€ per day, the wetsuit rental costs 10€ per day and if you want to rent a board and a wetsuit together we will charge you 20€ per day. Please don’t forget to leave a deposit (ID, driver’s license, etc.) in the office, which we will give you back once you bring back the material.

When do your surf lessons start?

You can start with your surf lesson every day except Sunday. We offer our surf lessons from Monday to Saturday.

Do I have to take all my surf lessons all at-once or can I do an off-day to relax and rewind?

Of course, you can spread out your surf course days as you wish. Normally we schedule you on consecutive days for the surf lessons – according to the number of lessons you have booked. If you would like a different distribution, just let us know and we will be happy to arrange it for you.

Can I book additional surf lessons spontaneously on-site?

Yes, you can book additional surf lesson days on-site, if there is still room available. Just tell us in advance (about 24h earlier) and then we usually find some place for you.

Can I cancel surf lessons which were booked and payed of in advance on-site?

Unfortunately, surf course lessons that have already been booked and paid for in advance cannot be cancelled on site. If you cannot take part in a course on a booked day, we cannot reimburse you for this lesson. However, if you let us know the day before, we can try to accommodate you on another day – but we cannot guarantee this either.

Do you rent roof racks to transport surfboards on the roof of a car?

Yes, if you rent one of our boards, we can also give you a roof rack for the price of 2€ per day. With the roof racks you can transport up to 6 boards on your car. That way you can easily transport bigger boards to the surf spot.

Do you use environmentally friendly wax?

Since the environment is really important to us ocean-fanatics, we wax our boards with GreenFix. This is environmentally friendly wax made of 100% natural ingredients. And when renting a board from us, you’ll get a piece of wax for free.

Can I exchange a rented surf board for another one?

Sure! You can always change your board for another one. If the conditions change or you notice that the board doesn’t suit you simply swing by our surf school and we’ll change boards.

What do I do if the board or a fin breaks or if I have a “ding” in my rented board?

Shit happens, especially when surfing: how quickly does a fin break off or a small ding find its way onto the surfboard. We have a trusted shaper in the neighboring town of Lajares. He repairs the dings in our boards cleanly and at fair conditions. If there is any damage to your rented board, we will pass on his costs directly to you – without any surcharge. To be sure that you won’t be charged for any damage caused by the previous renter, we check the board together with you before handing it over – so you can be sure that you will receive a board in perfect condition.