There are many diffrent kinds of sufboards. Which one is the right board for you depends on many criteria. In general you say: the bigger a person is, the taller the board should be. That’s because tall boards have more volume and consequently more buoyancy.

The largest board with the most volume is the longboard. With this board it is easy to paddle and because of its round nose you can get into the wave earlier. But because of the enorm size the board is not as easy to handle and it is not as dynamic or easy to turn. This board you use for smaller and weaker waves.

To learn surfing a Malibu (8 – 9 ft ) or Mini-Malibu (7 – 8 ft) would be the best board. The form is similar to a Longboard, but it is smaller. This board has also a big volume and a great stability, perfect for experience surfing. With this kind of board you can learn how to shift your weight and it is easy to paddle into a wave. With this boar you surf small to middle range waves.

A Funboard is between 6.8 -7.6 ft long. It is a mix of a small longboard and a shortboard. It is shorter and lighter as a (mini)Malibu and easier to drop in a wave. This board is for intermediates, who need more buoyancy and wants to go to smaller boards. This board is also used for smaller to mid-range waves.

Shortboards have different tails, a pointy nose and are between 5.8 to 6.10 feet long. They are lighter, and with less volume. With this board it is possible to do radicale and fast maneuvers, easy to turn and is suitable for duck-dives. But it is also more difficult to get into a wave. This is a board for advanced and pro – surfers.

A Fish is a board between 5.5-6.4 feet long and has a swallow tail, which makes the board fast and maneuverable. This board works in steeper waves.

The last board category which is presented in this blog is the Gun. It is a long and small board with a pointy nose and tail. This board you can surf in big waves.

The first part of surf theory you learned now. It is time for checking out the waves of Fuerteventura. Meet our Surfcamp Freshsurf in El Cotillo.