Welcome to our Surf-WG – a shared apartment, where you find friends and surf buddies

The Surf-WG is the perfect alternative to our Surfhouse. It is also located in El Cotillo, just 200 meters from the Surfhouse and right at the water front. Here you wake up to the sound of the waves and the salty smell of the ocean. From the balcony you look straight out onto the horizon. Our shared apartment offers space to relax and hang out with your newly found surf buddies. We wanted to create a space where like-minded people share their experiences.

This is why a stay in the Surf-WG always goes along with a surf course (3 surf courses/ week). 

The apartment consists of 4 cozy rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, that you can use for cooking, a balcony with ocean view and two bathrooms. There is a large shared patio in the center of the apartment complex with two different pools and sun chairs. The perfect spot to unwind after your exciting surf course. A stay in the Surf-WG always includes breakfast and there is the possibility to prepare lunch during breakfast. The breakfast is prepared in the Surfhouse just around the corner. 

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Your home by the ocean – our surfcamp

With us you can feel just like at home and get to know the beautiful island Fuerteventura. The landscape with its volcanic and desert-like appearance is a dream for every nature lover and with the countless breaks all along the coast surfers will not be disappointed. On the northern outskirts oft he former fishing village El Cotillo you will the beach La Concha with lagoons that are perfect to enjoy the calm water. In the south the beach consists of a steep coast from where you can overlook the ocean.

El Cotillo has some of the most breathtaking sunsets on the island and its landscape is made up of a moon-like terrain, volcanos and rock formations. To some, the landscape might seem a bit dry and sad at first because of the lack of green. If you take a closer look, you will discover loads of hidden treasures even in that kind of landscape. During your vacation on the island you will definitely have time to focus just on yourself and your personal needs.

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Discover our surfcamp and our offers


Surf-WG & Location




Surf course




Surf, chill, hang out and have fun – with like-minded people

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Our Surf-WG is divided onto two floors. Coming in you are on the upper floor, where you can find one room with a double bed, a separate bathroom as well as the kitchen, dining area and lounge and the balcony facing the open ocean. From the balcony you look down on the patio with the pool. On the lower floor there are three more rooms, each with two twin beds, so they can be used as single or double rooms. There is also another bathromms to share. One of the rooms on the lower floor is occupied by our guest manager, so there is always someone around to help you out and answer your questions. 

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Our Surf-WG is located in an apartement complex called Miramar. The lagoons of El Cotillo are just a few hundred meters away, so you can start your day with a swim in the calm water or end the day with a drink on the beach watching the sunset. The closest supermarket is also just a few steps away and all the nice restaurants are within walking distance. 

The surf school and the office are only a 10 minutes walk away, so there are no excuses to be late for the surf course 🙂


On the map below you can see the locations of all our accomodations in El Cotillo


Fresh & healthy food in our Surfcamp

Delicious food in a cozy atmosphere – feeling like at home


Time to dig in and enjoy

Our team in the accommodations is looking out for your wellbeing and will make sure you start into your day with a healthy and balanced breakfast. On the buffet you find a everything you might desire from fresh fruit and veggies, to savory and sweet dips as well as variety of bread and cold cuts.

Every morning our guest manager will surprise you with a different breakfast special, from pancakes to eggs and smoothies. We consider any intolerances and special dietary requirements. Just let us know in your booking form.


Lunch, snacks & dinner with friends

During breakfast you have the option to prepare yourself a lunch package for later. If you plan to do that, we would ask you to bring a tupper ware in order to cut down on plastic waste. If you have your own refillable water bottle with you even better. Throughout the day you can munch on fruits as well as sweet and savory snacks and the leftovers from breakfast. The coffee maschine and tea bags can be used all day, in case you need a little pick-me-up.

Two times a week you have the possibility to join a dinner night in a restaurant in El Cotillo or in our Surfvilla. On all other days you can use the kitchen of the Surfhouse or discover the culinary offers of the town. There is a variety of restaurant with international as well as Spanish cuisine.

Your surf course in our surfcamp

Discover your passion for surfing and take your first waves with us!


Warm weather and waves all year around – this makes Fuerteventura one of the best surfing destinations in Europe. The air and water temperatures are enjoyable, even in winter you are good surfing in a 3/2 wetsuit. In summer you can even surf in a bikini. Because it is an island, there is always a surf spot on the island that works for your surf level. You can surf with us up to six days a week at the best available spot.

intermediate surf course


The starting time of your surf course depends on the tide and the conditions. You might leave early in the morning or in the afternoon. The meeting point is always at the surf school and on the first day you start with a theoretical introduction. Then you pack up the vans with wetsuits, lycras and of course surfboards and off we are direction beach. Our groups consist off 5 students per instructor. The groups will be formed according to the surf level, so people with a similar level can be together. Havin fun and being safe is the most important in our surf lessons!

beginner surf courses


During your surf course our coaches will take some pictures so you can keep the amazing memories of your first waves forever. Every night we post a blog with the best pictures of the day. You can download those from the website and show them around at home.

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Activities in and around the Surfcamp

FreshSurf is so much more than surfing

In and around El Cotillo there is so much else you can do apart from surfing. Does not matter what you are searching for, we will be able to find something entertaining for you to do: diving, snorkeling, horseback riding, yoga, wind surfing, kiting, hiking and skating. If you are up for some action, this is the place to be.

If surfing was already enough action for you, you can have a more relaxed afternoon in Corralejo, shop for souvenirs and just have a walk around.

If you are up for a party, Corralejo is the place to be on a Friday and Saturday night.  There is a great mix of bars and clubs, so if you just want to go for a drink or stay out late, you will find the right thing for yourself.

For more information about things to do on your non-surfing days, just ask in our office and we will make sure to find the right activity for you to do, so you can fully enjoy your stay with FreshSurf.

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We guarantee you a surf vacation that you will not forget  – welcome to your home by the ocean!


7x stay in a double or single room


Towels & sheets


6x breakfast & lunch (to prepare yourself)


Bluetooth speakers & guitars 



surfing for everyone

3x or 5x surf course
(incl. material)


Pictures from the surf courses


Materials to use

(skateboards, umbrellas, balls, …)


Free Yoga & Blackroll equipment


A reliable team 


Additional nights can be booked as follows:

  • One night in a double room costs 45 € per person, including breakfast, lunch (to prepare for yourself), towels and sheets
  • One night in a single room costs 60 € per person, including breakfast, lunch (to prepare for yourself), towels and sheets

A one-week stay inlcudes: 6x breakfast, 6x lunch (to prepare for yourself) as well as snacks and fruit throughout the day. On Sunday our team is off, therefore we do not offer breakfast on that day. On that day we could ask you to have breakfast in one of the many coffee shops in El Cotillo.


An additional surf course costs 50 € per course. 


In the booking form we ask you to choose a level suitable for your surf skills. This is because we have different groups and put people with similar experiences together in one group.  You can find a detailed description about the different levels on your website.

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Walking it takes about 10 minutes to get to the surf school. With the car it is only about 2 minutes. 


With us it is possible to check in any day of the week. The rooms are ready for check in from 2 pm. Please inform us about your flight details and estimated arrival time in advance.


Your surf course can start any day apart from Sunday. If you do not mention it differently, we plan you in consecutively from the first possible day. 


To discover the island in all its beauty we would definitely recommend a rental car. If you want to try and surf by yourself after the surf course this is also a lot easier if you have your own car. Depending on the season you can already get a rental car starting from 10€ per day. Be sure to book in advance though to get a good deal.