The summer has started and the days are getting longer and longer. Beside the water sport, you can experience much more at the island. Some of the most beautiful moments, in addition to unforgetable surf sessions, are rides along the wonderful coast and the beach of Cotillo. The north side of the island ist he perfekt place to combine horse riding and surfing. The thunderous atlantic ocean and the fascinating rocky landscape is nesteld to the fishing village. With the surfboard you experience the waves and at the back of the horses you enjoy the beautiful panorama. 

Thereby is offered everything: from guided tours for inexperienced rider to longer gallop tours for advanced riders. Freshsurf cooperates with the riding stable Tara, which is located nearby the surfcamp.
Tara is a non- profit organisation, which plead for adequate animal housing.

Who wants to have a comfortable ride in the evening while watching the sunset, for those is our offer Surfing & Riding the right package.