Beside the surfboard there are some other things you need for surfing. Related to the country and the sea you surf in, the surf accessories which you need differ.

In our surf courses we use 3.2 wetsuits. It means that the thickness of the neoprene material is 3 mm at the body and 2mm at the arms and legs. It’s perfect for surfing in a sea which has a temperature between 15-20°. The wetsuit should fit very tightly, to protect you of a undercooling. In summertime, when the water is getting warmer, you can surf in a shorty (wetsuit with short arms and legs) or without a wetsuit. But this depends on the personal perception of cold.

If you decide not to wear a wetsuit, you should wear a lycra. A lycra is a kind of surf shirt and has a very high protection of the sun. Fuerteventura’s surf schools use lycras to recognize their students in the water and distinguish them from pupils of other surf schools. Our surf instructors wear also special lycras. So the lifeguards know that the surf course has its own life guard.
In surf competitions the competitors has lyrcas in different colours, so the jury can see and rate them better.

Beside the surf dress there is some more material you need for surf ride. You definitely will need a leash, which connect you to your surfboard. If you fall of your board you can take it quickly and you don’t have to swim in the open sea, because this could be dangerous in some spots. You should also check if the leash has any mistakes before you go surfing. It has to be longer than or as long as your board.

To have the right grip on the board and not slide of it, you need some wax. The kind of wax depends on the temperature of the surf environment. There is wax for warm, cold, tropical or very cold water. If you wear booties, you don’t need much wax, because the booties has a ground, which doesn’t slide that much.
Our Surfcamp Freshsurf use organic wax, which is produced on natural base.