surfing in jandia - a surf trip to the south

You can only surf in the north of Fuerteventura? And there are only package tourists and huge hotels of the islandin the south ? Think again – we will take you on a roadtrip across our favorite island to discover the wild south! Surfboards strapped on the roof and we are ready to go: off to the south to go surfing in Jandia!

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Many surfers think about the reefbreaks and the long sand beaches in the north of Fuerteventura when it comes to planning the next Surftrip visiting our island. But you can also find some surfable waves in the south of the island.
surfen in jandia - beachbreak

Surfing in Jandia – wind and wave conditions

The waves in the south usually work best when you are getting blown away on the north shore: when there is a really strong wind from the north. And while kite and wind surfers enjoy the strong breeze and can’t wait to get on the water, those wishing to simply ride the waves are sitting on the beach dreaming of better days. But that is when you can find a reliable offshore wind on the southern coast. In combination with strong swells from a western directions the surfspots in the south start pumping and produce wonderful waves. But watch out: the southern spots are still quite undiscovered but the locals know them like the back of their hand and are not always happy to welcome surf tourists to “their” spots.
surfen in jandia - aussichtspunkte am wegesrand

On the road to the south – across Fuerteventura

So if it happens to be too windy to get into the water in the north, grab your boards, your surf buddies and start your surf trip to the south of the island. The southernmost tip of the island is about 120km away from Corralejo, so you will definitely need to plan a little time for your journey.
You can choose the faster route via the highway along the coast.

However, the scenic route across the island is more attractive, taking you through small villages, beautiful landscapes and along impressive viewpoints… At least for the way back (when you are not in a hurry to get in the water anymore) we highly recommend the route through the interior of the island.

Surfen in Jandia - Sicht auf Playa Pared

Surf spots in Jandia and surroundings

La Pared

On your way to the south you will first drive past La Pared. Here, on the westcoast of the narrowest point of Fuerteventura you will find holiday rentals a few cafés, surf schools and – most importantly – a beach break. By now this surf spot is no secret anymore and many surf schools take their students there, because you will almost always find suitable waves for beginner surfers and surf students. More advanced and experienced surfers will find it more difficult to find reliable good waves in La Pared. The wind and swell conditions have to be quite exact to produce great waves in La Pared. But the advantage of this beach break is also, that it’s never completely flat.
surfen in jandia - surfer am strand

Cruz Roja – Surfing in Jandia & surroundings 

The lighthouse in Jandia is the next stop on your journey to the south. There you will find the surf spot Cruz Roja, who got his name thanks to the life guard tower at the beach. This beach break at the Playa de Morro Jable  produces amazing right waves if the sand banks don’t ruin the fun. The best conditions are at low tide and swells with long periods coming from the west. For beginner surfers and intermediates the sand banks don’t matter as much. With a softer wind from north-east or offshore-wind you will find beautiful waves to practice your take-off in green waves at the beach. But make sure to keep an eye out for the tourist that swim and play in the water!

Las Salinas – Surfing in Jandia & surroundings

Leaving Curz Roja we follow the road to the west and set off to explore the most south-western tip of Fuerteventura. We leave the asphalt road behin in Morro Jable and continue on the gravel road that winds along the lonely coast. At the junction we keep left to Punta de Jandia. Once we get to see the lighthouse we follow the signs to Las Salinas to the ocean. This surf spot used to be one of the secret spots up until a few years ago. Nowadays you will often meet intermediate surfers there, when the waves are small and soft. Once it starts pumping, surfing in Las Salinas is only recommended for experienced and advanced surfers. The rather narrow take-off zone means that the reef break can quickly become crowded, which can lead to unpleasant situations with other surfers due to the prevailing localism. So if your surf skills are not quite up to the level yet, this spot is one of the spots on the island where it’s somedays better to watch the experts from the beach than going in by yourself.
surfen in jandia - surfervan in der Wüste

Punta del Tigre – Surfing in Jandia & surroundings

We take the road back to the lighthouse of Punta de Jandia and follow the gravel road to the nort. Because here, virtually at the end of the world, is the south-westernmost surf spot of the island: Punta del Tigre. This spot is a reef break aswell, who produces a steep righ wave. And the infamous local surfers of the south live up to their reputation at this spot as well: heavy localism rules here. Meaning: if you are not from the south, you will have to prove the other surfers, that you deserve to be there. Beginners’ mistakes are not too easily forgiven here. Because this wave is only suitable for advanced surfers who know exactly what they do. But if we are here already, we will happily watch the big and small surf experts and those that want to become one! And before heading back we recommend a small (photo-)stop at the viewpoint “fin del mundo”!
surfen im süden von fuerteventura - cofete

Cofete – Surfing in Jandia & surroundings

Slowly, we start our journey back north, but what is a roadtrip to the south of Fuerteventura without stopping at the long sand beaches of Cofete?! And with the right conditions you can surf there, too! Since it is a beachbreak and the sand banks move during big storms the peaks shift and you have to check on-site where it’s working best. Because of the very exposed location of the beach Cofete gets a lot of swell. That’s why the rule of thumb for surfing Cofete is: the smaller the swell, the bigger the chances for surfable waves in Cofete. The advantage of surfing Cofete is obvious: since it is so far away there are almost no other surfers. But that is also the biggest disadvantage: there are no lifeguards and if something happens it will take a while for help to arrive. That is why you should only try to surf the waves in Cofete if you are able to read waves, recognize currents and are not alone!

Surfspots in Jandia & surroundings – an overview

surfen in jandia - strand la pared

La Pared Beachbreak

  • shifting Peaks
  • all tides
  • ground swell from 0,5m
  • beginners & experts
surfen in jandia - cruz roja

Cruz Roja

  • Right wave
  • low tide
  • ground swell: 1,5 – 3m
  • beginner, inter-mediates & experts 
rechte welle surfen

Las Salinas Reefbreak 

  • right wave
  • all tides
  • ground swell: 1,5 – 3m
  • Interme-diates & Experts


right hander welle surfen

Punta del Tigre Reefbreak 

  • right wave
  • high tide
  • ground swell: 0,5 – 2m
  • Experts


surfen in jandia - cofete beachbreak

Cofete Beachbreak

  • shifting peaks
  • all tides
  • ground swell: 0m – 0,5m
  • experts
surfen in jandia - touris am strand

Conclusion – Surfing in Jandia & surroundings

A surf trip to the south to surf in Jandia and surroundings is definitely worth it if you are an advanced surfer, who are confident enough to deal with semi-friendly locals. A little bit of adventurous spirit and a car suitable for gravel roads are also a necessity. The surf spots around Jandia usually work when the waves in the north won’t work that well due to wind or too strong swell. Unfortunately, there are only a few good surf spots for beginner or intermediate surfers. But a surf trip to the south is definitely worth it to discover, adventure and watch! After all, what could be nicer on such days than sitting on the beach with a picnic in the wind and sunshine and watching good surfing?

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