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NATE BEHL: KANAN from FTR Films on Vimeo.

Nate Behl is a Pro-Surfer, who surfed many spots in the world. In this video he showed his talent at the surfspot Rifles, which is a part oft he Mentawai islands in Indonesia. When the wave grew damp, it is one oft he longest, most perfect and impsing wave in the world. Surfers Magazine nominates it tot he 6th best wave worldwide. If you want to take it on with this wave, you should know how to surf very well and you shoul be prepared. Not only the take off and the right balance is important, you also have to know how to behave when you drop off the board and one wave after the other comes over you – sometimes you must pipe down for a longer time.

Perhaps it would be better if you will start with smaller wave. To learn surfing our Surschool at Fuerteventura might be the best place. Many spots on this island have the right conditions to learn surfing. Who has advanced knowledge in surfing and is looking for the „kick“ should come in the winter season. In this period the waves are better and higher, but also in the summer our intermediates will catch good waves at Fuerteventura. 
To learn surfing Fuerteventura is a fantastic place at every time. 

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