Today’s course went with our 3 surf coaches Angie, Christiano and Andy to Cotillo Beach, where the beginner course practiced their take-offs. The intermediates went to PuntaBlanca and enjoyed the empty waves in the evening.Everybody had a lot of fun and was in good spririts. That its still possible to surf in retirement age illustrated Dieter, who has his first week with his family here in El Cotillo.

Best pictures of today an the link to our gallery can you find here:

 Surf course on the 19.03.2014

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The Clean Ocean Project, an organisation who advocate for a clean sea an clean beaches,  have an event on 23.-24.03.2014. The will clean the beaches of the North shore. Everybody can join the event. Here you can find the flyer:

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”clean ocean project.jpg” type=”image” alt=”clean ocean project.jpg” ]