Samsung is one of the major sponsors, and the first global partner of the ASP Worl Tour this year. The ASP Championships are international surf competitons, where the best surfers of the world run against each other. Men and women compete for a few months at various surfspots of the world, e.g. in California, South Africa, South America, Fiji and Tahiti.
Samsung and ASP celebrates together the growth of surfing in the world. In the video clip with the pro surfers Stephanie Gilmore, Gabriel Modina, Mitch Crews, Jahome Defay and of course Kelly Slater they remind us that it doesn’t matter who you are, where you are and how good you surf. Because at the water, it the moment that counts, out in the waves <every day is day one< .
Surfing connects us, equal whether you have your first surf lesson, learn the take off or whether you are a pro surfer. Everybody stands on his board, and everybody wipe out. The waves carry us and sometimes they pull us down of our boards, but that is surfing. We are not able to conrol the sea, we have to take the waves how they comes.
With our opponents or with the friends in the surf course, we all share the same passion: the sea, the waves and surfing!