The Clean Ocean Project is based on Fuerteventura since 2002. It is a group of people who shares one passion: the Ocean. Everbody loves to be on the sea, go surfing or just enjoys spending time at the beach. Everybody of us is responsible to protect the nature. The guys of the Clean Ocean Project don’t only talk about changes, they acts actively by beach cleaning actions and by motivation other people. Witch their actions they removed tons of plastic and other trash.
They also have shops, where shirts, hoodies and other stuff are sold. In El Cotillo there is also a shop at the old harbour. The earnings are for the project, to protect the environment.
The Clean Ocean Project is grateful for every kind of donation. But not only money is important to keep this organization, it also needs people who help the members of the organization. Helping could also be cleaning the beach, where you are lying on, or surfing at.
Our Team of Freshsurf takes also often part on the beach cleanings and supports the idea of the Clean Ocean Project. Angie, one of our surf instructors, often motivates our surf courses to pick some trash while the warm up.