There are many possibilities, getting the right balance for surfing and developing your core strength. Freshsurf presents one: Balance Boards.

Indo Board

The Indo Board is well known and used by thousands of surfers all over the world. It’s very useful for boosting your surfing strength and fitness. It´s possible to perform single and two legged movements and you can develop your core strength and have a lot of fun by the way. Along with the Indo Board, you can get the IndoFlo Cushion, that´s an inflatable disc that can be used independently to boost balance and get some strength in your knees and legs.

Cool Board

As the Indo Board, the Cool Board helps surfers to boost their movement, efficiency and balance. It comes with two balls, a smaller one, if you are not used to the movements yet and a bigger one for those, who are already advanced and used to the movements. It’s more challenging than the Indo Board, because it can move in any direction.

“Bosu” Balance Trainer

The word “Bosu” stands for ‘Both Sides Utilised’. It consists of an inflated rubber hemisphere attached to a rigid platform, so it looks like a stability ball cut in half and can be used for a wide range of different exercises related to surfing, such as balance training, core strength training and exercises for the upper body. If you want to push your surf skills to the next level then “Bosu” is a great opportunity.

We at Freshsurf have fun with the Indo Board and enjoy the wide ranges of exercises you can do with it. So come in and try.

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