how to care for wetsuit

Take care for your wetsuit

Wetsuits are an essential piece of equipment for surfers and water sports enthusiasts as they are made of synthetic rubber and offer good insulating properties. With the right care for your wetsuit, you can make sure, that these qualities are maintained as long as possible. 

Regular care of a wetsuit includes rinsing, drying, cleaning, repairing and storaging to extend its life and maintain its performance. Surfers and water sports enthusiasts should follow recommended care practices to make sure their wetsuit stays in optimal condition and supports them in their sport. Find out how to keep your wetsuit alive for as long as possible below.


Taking care for your wetsuit – rinse it after surfing 

After surfing it’s best to rinse the wetsuit first in the saltwater to free it from the sand. At home or back in the surfschool, you should rinse it throughroughly in fresh water, to get rid of salt and sand. Like that you can increase its durability. These regular rinses are of great importance to preserve the flexibility and the functionality of the wetsuit. Salt and dirt can shorten the life of the wetsuit, which is why a thorough rinse after every surfing session is essential.

I would recommend rinsing your wetsuit in the bath or shower with cold or lukewarm fresh water after surfing to remove salt residue and ensure its longevity.


How to dry your wetsuit best?

Drying your wetsuit in the shade on a wide hanger helps to keeps its shape and avoid damages from direct sunlight. Turning the suit inside out during drying ensures even drying and prevents discolouration or deformation of the material.


Why should you dry your wetsuit?

Adequate drying is crucial to prevent the formation of mould or unpleasant odours in the wetsuit. I would recommend that you do not hang the wetsuit over a hanger by the shoulders, as this could cause it to “rub through” or chafe at the shoulders over time. Rather “drop” it in the centre over the wetsuit. This may prolong the drying time, but you will enjoy your wetsuit for longer.


Care for your wetsuit – cleaning methods

If you clean your wetsuit, you can also add some products to the water, like PH-neutral body-wash, which you can buy in the pharmacy. You can also use products like “Piss-Off” which, as the name already suggests, removes traces of sweat or other bodily fluids if necessary.

It is advisable to avoid conventional cleaning agents or washing machines as they can damage the materials of the wetsuit. Specialised wetsuit cleaners such as the aforementioned Rip Curl “Piss Off” are gentle and effective at cleaning wetsuits without damaging their properties. Tea tree oil can be used to clean and combat odours in a wetsuit without damaging the materials.


Repairing holes in a wetsuit

Small holes near the seams can be effectively repaired with high-quality neoprene adhesive such as McNett Aquasure. Repair holes or tears in the wetsuit as quick and as soon as possible to prevent major damage and ensure a longer life for the suit. Professional repairs are advisable if major damage occurs to the wetsuit in order to maintain the integrity of the material.


Storage and maintenance – looking after your wetsuit

A wetsuit should be stored in a dry, shady area to prevent mould growth and material deterioration. Hanging or storing a wetsuit properly in a well-ventilated room prevents unpleasant odours and material damage.


Treat your wetsuit like a good friend

Regular inspections and care of your wetsuit ensure its optimum performance and longevity. So if you treat your wetsuit “properly”, you will be able to enjoy it for a very long time.


Conclusion – Care for your Wetsuit

Proper care of a wetsuit is crucial to its longevity, comfort and performance while surfing. By following the recommended care practices, surfers can ensure that their wetsuit remains in good condition and provides them with optimum support. We hope you enjoyed our blog post on wetsuit care and look forward to your feedback!