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The skating scene on Fuerteventura is wide spread and skating is a very popular sport beside surfing. But how did the skating scene on Fuerteventura develop, how did it change and progress? In this blog you will find out everything you need to know about the skating scene on Fuerteventura. At the end of the article we also added a selection of places where you can improve your skate skills on Fuerteventura best. 

Skating scene on Fuerteventura – Overview

How did the skating scene on Fuerteventura develop?

The skating scene on Fuerteventura has grown in importance over the years and has developed into a lively and diverse community. The emergence of this scene is due to various interlinked factors.

One of the most important influences was tourism. As a popular vacation destination, Fuerteventura has attracted many travelers since the 1960s. While most visitors were initially interested in the endless beaches and surfing, some also brought their skateboards. These visitors brought the skating culture to the island and shared their passion with the local population.

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The surf culture also played a major role in the emergence of the skating scene on Fuerteventura. The connection between surfing and skating is close, as you need and practice similar skills in both sports. Surfers living on or visiting the island were often also keen skaters.

The development of skate infrastructure was another crucial step. The construction of skate parks, in particular the skate park in Puerto del Rosario, created a place for skaters to improve their skills and interact in a shared environment. These skate parks became the meeting places for the skating scene on Fuerteventura.


The availability of skateboards and accessories on the island also contributed to the emergence of the skating scene on Fuerteventura. Stores on Fuerteventura began to offer products for skaters, giving locals and tourists easy access to equipment.

Finally, events and meetings also helped to promote the skating scene on Fuerteventura. From small, local gatherings to international competitions, these events attract skaters from different parts of the world to the island.

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How did the skating scene on Fuerteventura change?

The skating scene on Fuerteventura has changed and progressed in the last years. These changes are closely connected to the growing popularity of skating and surfskating on the island. If you want, you can also learn surfskating with us! It helps you, to improve your stability on the surfboard and is great fun. Find out more about our surf skate lessons here! One change is the increased offer for anyone who wants to learn to skate. There are now more opportunities to take skate lessons on Fuerteventura. These courses are aimed at both beginners and advanced skaters.
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Nowadays there are also more shops selling skate accessories. That makes it a lot easier for skaters to find the necessary equipment. The increasing demand has expanded the range and improved the selection of skate products on the island.

The rise of skate parks on the island is another sign for the growth of the skating scene on Fuerteventura. These parks offer skaters the opportunity to improve their abilities and learn new tricks. The variety of skate parks on Fuerteventura enables skater of every level to find the perfect environment for their training. 


Why is skating on Fuerteventura so popular?

A reason for the popularity of skating on Fuerteventura is the close connection to surfing. Fuerteventura is well known for the great surf spots and many surfers are keen skaters, because both sports are very similar. The similarities in lifestyle and interests lets Fueretventura become a paradise for action and board sport enthusiats, which can prove their skills not only on water but also on the street. 

In addition, the skate style itself is very popular. The growing popularity has contributed to the fact that the skating scene on Fuerteventura continues to flourish on the island and attracts many skaters who pursue the lifestyle of skating and surfing.


Where can you skate best on Fuerteventura?

On Fuerteventura are many places where you can enjoy skating. Here are a few of the best skate spots on the island:

  • Puerto del Rosario: The skate park in the capital Puerto del Rosario is one of the best-known and most popular skate spots on Fuerteventura. It offers a variety of ramps, rails and other obstacles. The park also has a community of skaters who meet there regularly.
  • Corralejo: Corralejo is a popular vacation resort in the north of Fuerteventura and offers some great skating opportunities. The roads in and around Corralejo are generally well surfaced and are good for street skating. The promenade along the coast is also a popular spot for skaters.
  • La Oliva: The small village of La Oliva offers streets and squares that are perfect for skating. It is a quieter place, unlike some of the busier tourist areas, and offers skaters the opportunity to practice in peace.
  • Costa Calma: Costa Calma in the south of Fuerteventura also offers good skating opportunities. The wide streets and relaxed atmosphere make skating here enjoyable.
  • Lajares:There is also space to practice in Lajares. After your skate session, you can also grab a bite to eat in one of the cute local cafés. At Bowl Lajares, you can also take skate lessons and try your hand at turns and your first drops…
  • El Cotillo: The small church square behind the Cotillo Beach Hotel is perfect for making your first attempts at surfskating. The smooth surface and minimal incline make the skateboard roll as if by itself. And the more advanced skaters will enjoy the first small ramps…

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