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You have probably read in some of our blogs how good the surf conditions are on the Canaries and especially on Fuerteventura. But there are many different surf spots on Fuerteventura. The coasts offers many sand beaches but also more or less dangerous reef breaks. How do you know which spot is best suitable for you?

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Surfguiding Gruppe

Surf Guiding or Private Coaching – what is the difference?

When you are on a surf trip you want to surf as much as possible and improve your surf skills. In this case a private coaching or even surf guide are your best pick.

But what is the difference between these two offers?

Private Coaching is especially suitable for those who are looking for fast progress and intense surf lessons. You will receive individual feedback and the surf coach only has eyes for you. But it’s not just about progress. Surfing is much more about not exposing yourself or others to any dangers.

Surfguiding on the other hand aims especially at already experienced surfers who are not looking for individual feedback to improve their surfing in the first place. Surf guiding is all about surfing unknown spots together with an experienced surf instructor who knows the local conditions and can introduce you to the spots and their special features.

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Different beaches work under different conditions and have different dangers. So how do you know which spot works best at what time and under which conditions?

Sure, there is the wave forecast, but to be honest, we would rather rely on the word of a local instead of the forecast. Because locals know the surf spots like the back of their hand.

So if you are planning your first surf trip to Fuerteventura, you should try to educate yourself about the various spots and their conditions. Only then you can enjoy your holiday with a lot of fun, success and without injuries. And the best way to do so is in our surf lessons or with a private surf coach.

Surfguiding Erwachsene

What exactly does private coaching entail?

In a private coaching you will receive first-hand information about currents, swell, wind, etc. Our experienced surf coaches have been surfing the different spots of Fuerteventura for years. And they will not only teach you about surf knowledge but will also motivate you and help you to celebrate your milestones and successes. With their experience of surfing the different spots of the island thy can tell you exactly which spots are suitable for you and your surf level. They will accompany you to the spots and show you all you need to know. Via photos and videos you can analyse the coaching afterwards with your surf coach. This way, you can pay close attention to what you saw in the video analysis during your next coaching session.

Private Surf Coaching – Costs

A private coaching is of course more expensive than a group lesson, since the focus is just on you and you will receive a one-on-one coaching. The price varies depending on whether you want to do the private coaching by yourself or together with a friend or a partner. We would always recommend you to do a private coaching together with someone who has the same level like you, so both of you can profit from it.

Surfguiding Help

Private Surf Coachings with FreshSurf

Private surf lessons for family

You want to learn to surf with your whole family? What would be better than share a hobby with your loved ones? In our private coachings for families our surf coaches focus specifically on each individual. Of course, they don’t forget the different requirements due to age, build, etc. So do something crazy on your next family holiday and book a private family surf course.

Private surf lessons for intermediates

You have been surfing before, but you are unsure to go into the water by yourself because you have never been to Fuerteventura before? No problem, just tell us what to focus on, when booking your private lesson and what information you would like to receive from us. Like that we can support you exactly where you need it.

Surfguiding Motivation

Surf coaching to reduce the fear of water and the wave

You had a bad experience in surfing and are now afraid to go back into the water? Or are you afraid of the waves? Believe us, you are not alone in this. Book yourself a private lesson and we help you step by step to have fun again when surfing in the ocean. We work specifically on challenging you and not overtaxing you, so that you familiarize yourself with the waves and learn to assess and deal with their power.

Surf coaching for children

Your children got the surfing fever and can‘t wait to learn to surf or improve their surf skills? Then a private surf lesson is just the right thing for your kids. Here, the surf instructor can work intensively with your child. With a mix of fun, games and theory, we show your junior the dangers of the ocean and how to handle a surfboard correctly.

Surfguiding Wave

Surf spots on Fuerteventura

On Fuerteventura are various spots where you can surf. You can find most of them in our surfguide but some are rather hidden, still kept a secret or only known to locals. The mix of reef breaks and beach breaks makes surfing on Fuerteventura an unforgettable experience.

To guarantee all surfers on the island a great surfing experience, there some (un)written rules who is allowed to surf on which spots and, above all, which spots can be used by surf schools.

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Surf guiding on Fuerteventura

For this reason, surf schools are not permitted to go to surf spots where no schools are allowed, even if they would do so as part of a surf guiding programme. Even when doing a surf guiding programme you could only surf at spots that are also used for surf lessons. That’s why we decided to focus on private coaching. You can of course tell us when booking a private session that you are really interested in getting to know different waves. And our surf coaches will give there best – as usual – to bring you and your surfing to the next level!

Private coaching – our offer for you

So why should you do your private coaching with FreshSurf? We offer you licensed surf coaches who have not only completed their training as surf instructors, but also take an annual lifeguard course. However, our coaches not only score points with their knowledge, but also with a lot of heart. They take time for everyone, cater to each individual and give their all to offer you a wonderful surfing experience.