wintersurfspots in europe - searching the endless summer in europe

When the days get shorter, wind and water cool down and the clocks are changed to daylight-saving, winter is coming! Then many surfers put their boards away in the cellar, mothball their wetsuits, take out their thick socks and wait for warmer days. But why miss out on waves, when there are summery surfspots almost around the corner? Where you can jump in the water in the midst of the European winter and leave the cold temperatures behind you? Even if it’s just for a moment?


We will take you to breathtaking surfspots in Portugal, Andalusia and the Canary Islands. There, you can escape the winter for a bit, spend your days during the winter months in shorts and flipflops and enjoy clean winter swells and empty Line-ups.  

wintersurfspots in europa - sonnenschein an der algarve

Wintersurfspots in Europa – Algarve: Winter waves at the southernmost tip of Europe

Portugal, with its kilometer wide Atlantic coast is a true Mekka for surfers. In winter, the Algarve, with its mild temperatures and constant but pretty cold waves, offers the ideal refuge for surfers of all levels.

During the winter months it is getting much cooler in northern Portugal and on the west coast and the big wave surfers are enjoying the huge waves in Nazaré. But in the Algarve, it still is pleasantly warm during the day. There you can warm up after your surf session in cozy cafés with the winter sun in your face and delicious Pasteis de Nata on your plate.

The big winter waves arrive at the west coast at the Algarve as well, but at the southern coast around Lagos you will find many small and soft waves during the winter months. And that’s why beginner and intermediate surfers find the perfect Wintersurfspots at the Algarve. For intermediate and advanced surfers, big waves come in at the west coast. And beginners and intermediates there are nice beginner friendly waves and relatively warm water at the south coast.

By now, surfing at the coast of the Algarve isn’t quite a secret anymore. Many surf tourists and vanlife-enthusiasts are lured to the southernmost tip of Portugal by the promise of an endless summer and great waves. But off the beaten track, away from the surfer hotspots you will still find small cozy villages and empty Line-Ups.

wintersurfspots in europa - strand in andalusien

Wintersurfspots in Europe – Andalusia: Spains sunny surfer paradise

Besides the Canary Islands, Andalusia is the warmest region of Europe. With 300 days of sunshine per year, the winter months are also quite sunny and warm. During the day you can soak up the sunshine and warmth. And in the evenings, when it gets colder, you can enjoy the sunset at the beach even in winter with hoodie, windbreaker and long trousers. The Costa de la Luz unfolds its very own charm in winter, when the beaches are less crowded. Around El Palmar and Conil, south of Cadiz, you will not only find fantastic waves. In Winter you will find a unique atmosphere, that brings surfer from the whole world together. With mild temperatures and a relaxed lifestyle Andalusia is the perfect place for your winter surf fun. Enjoy the beautiful waves and lonely beaches and let yourself be enchanted by the charming villages, tasty tapas and the unique southern Spanish mentality.
wintersurfspots in europa - straßenszene andalusien

During the winter months the swells that reach the numerous Andalusian surf spots are the biggest and most constant. That’s the time when beautiful winter wonder waves arrive at the coasts. But even though there is a high possibilty of sunshine, it could happen even in Andalusia, that you experience some windy and rainy days. Just make sure to not only pack shorts and t-shirts…

The water can get quite chilly as well. With a good 3/2 or even a thicker 4/3 wetsuit you make sure that you won’t get too cold too fast when in the water.

wintersurfspots in europa - kanaren klippenlandschaft

Wintersurfspots in Europe – The Canary Island, the Hawaii of Europe

The Canary Islands are a true surf paradise all year round. In summer you will find beginner friendly waves and mostly soft, relaxed waves for intermediate surfers and longboarders. But with the first winter swells the more advanced surfers also get their money’s worth on the Canary Islands, can take their shortboards and enjoy the more powerful waves.
wintersurfspots in europa - surfkurs auf den kanaren

During your winter surf trip to the Canary Islands you will enjoy sunny and warm days, beautiful sunsets at the beach and relaxed surfer vibes. Around the holidays from Christmas to Three Kings Day it does get a little more crowded on the islands, in the villages and especially the Line-Ups. But afterwards, in January and February Wintersurfers on the Canary Islands are happy to find relatively empty Line-Ups and temperatures that feel like summer. Surf shops and schools are open all year and you will find suitable surf classes, the right material and a beautiful wave for every level.

The wind, which is particularly notorious on Fuerteventura, mostly takes his winter break or only blows quite soft.  And just like that, beautiful and clean waves hit the shores for you to surf and nothing stands in the way of spending the rest of the day relaxing and tanning at the beach!

wintersurfspots in europa - golden hour auf den kanaren

Wintersurfspots in Europe – The Endless Summer really exists!

Why wait for the summer, when there are also amazing waves, sunshine and warm temperatures just around the corner? From the long sand beaches of Portugal to the small villages of Andalusia and the Canary Islands in the Atlantic: these wintersurfspots in Europe offer you a unique mixture of sun, fun and surf adventures. Equipped with a good Wetsuit you can surf for hours even in winter and the line-ups are notably more empty than in summer. And after the surf session you can soak up the sun in cozy cafés or right at the beach, before heading back to cold northern Europe… Because the winter can be the perfect time for unforgettable surf moments!  

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