Yesterday we presented our new Yoga Studio right next to the Surfschool Freshsurf Fuerteventura. Yoga and Surfing are a good combination to harmonise body and soul, so you are well prepared for your next surf session in El Cotillo. Today we present some things that will happen in your (first) yoga class, so you can walk into our new Yoga Studio well prepared and ready for the practice:

In your very first yoga class you aren’t a balance master. Your body has never done the yoga poses before, so you might lose the balance quickly and eventually fall down. But don’t worry, that’s a part of the yoga practice. Just try again. The tacher will use words like “vinyasana” or “tadasana”, that are totally new for you. If it’s a good yoga teacher, she or he will explain the content behind the words and poses. If not, you can always have a look at the other students. After some time, you’ll get the knowledge and you’ll understand the different poses and their meanings. Some people in your class might be really good. It’s natural, if you are jealous, but you shouldn’t compare yourself to them. Just try to focus on your own body and mind. Don’t be ashamed, if a pose is too hard for you. Go back in a normal pose and just relax. Watch your body. After the yoga class your muscles will be sore, because your muscles did things, they are not used to. Remember that Yoga is kind of a workout and not only a “stretching”. Besides you’ll feel strong and awake aswell and can start the day with a smile on your face. Just decide at what time you want to practice yoga. You don’t need special yoga clothes, just wear something your comfortable with.

If your first class is a good one, you’ll definitely want to come again. Practising Yoga will help you a lot, even for surfing. So just come to Fuerteventura for your surfing vacation and try Yoga at our new Yoga Studio with our teacher Erica.