In summertime, the number of accindents with weever fishes increase at our beaches. When it comes to the painful encounter… no we are just kidding!
The stich of the weever fish hurts a little bit, but there are worse things in the world.
The little fishes have spines on their dorsal fins, which can hurt like a stitch of a wasp. The pain starts ca. 30 Minutes after the stitch.
What to do when you get „attacted“?
Some people says that urine helps againgst the pain. If you wants to, check it out. In our surfschool we didn’t try it.
Another alternative should be vinegar, but when you don’t have your salat dressing with you at the beach, don’t worry, you can counter against the stitch with heat.
The most popular way is to put you foot in hot water. When it is placed in hot water for at least 10 minutes, the pain decline.
The sense of all methods is to break down the protein helixes that the sting consists of.
At Fuerteventura the fishes also exists. But this should not keep you off the  water. In our surfcamp there are one person in 2 month who step into a weever fish and all oft hem are alive now. Because of the fast reaction of our surf insturctors, all weever fish victims were back in the water not later than 20 minutes.