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Do you feel tired, exhausted and your inner peace is disturbed? Sometimes your mind and body need a vacation from stress and a nerve-wracking daily routine. Yoga brings both back into harmony. Yoga is versatile: yoga classes are aimed at all ages and levels and everyone is motivated and encouraged according to their individual abilities.

The aim of yoga is to improve the centeredness, serenity and patience of body and mind. Through special physical and breathing exercises and with the help of meditation, you can find peace and strength. Yoga is also a wonderful way to prepare for surfing sessions and to stretch afterwards.

Yoga – Overview

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Yoga – the perfect method for relaxation

Yoga and surfing have more in common than is obvious at first glance. In fact, yoga is the perfect complement to surfing. It is not for nothing that yoga is being practiced more and more by professional surfers such as Kelly Slater. Yogis and surfers know that yoga promotes stamina, flexibility and strength – qualities that are also essential for surfing.

More and more yogis are also discovering a new way to achieve mental and physical balance with nature: Minimally equipped with just a surfboard, you learn to experience nature up close and harmonize with the elements. Whether you surf or not, you can improve your fitness and well-being in the shortest possible time through targeted concentration and relaxation exercises as well as targeted stretching.

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Yoga on Fuerteventura with Svenja

I am Svenja and I would like to invite you to my small Yoga studio located in the heart of El Cotillo.

After seven years in Ireland and working as a project manager in technology, I moved to El Cotillo and this wonderful island two years ago. A two-week holiday turned into remote work from the island. However, the idea of a small yoga studio quickly emerged, which opened its doors for the first time in June 2021.

Yoga has been an important part of my life for a long time and helped build a deep connection to myself and navigate difficult times with a little more ease. Yoga has also given me a real appreciation for my own body for the first time and I have experienced what it feels like to feel deep peace.

These experiences then led me to my first yoga teacher training, which was followed by further training in the areas of Yin Yoga, Breath-Work and Tantric Hatha Yoga.

I would love to share these wonderful practices with you and I look forward to seeing you in our studio!

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Yoga in cooperation with the – SEA INSIDE STUDIO

We offer Yoga in cooperation with the wonderful, new Sea Inside Studio here in El Cotillo. In our Sea Inside Studio, we want to offer you a safe space where both experienced yogis and beginners feel comfortable. We want to offer you a place where you can try out classes in yoga and mindfulness and hopefully take something home with them from each visit.

Sea Inside should also be a place of peace and quiet for you to take a break from our otherwise busy lives. A small oasis in the heart of El Cotillo.

Yoga mats and all accessories needed for the classes are provided. So you only need to bring yourself to the studio in comfortable sportswear! The equipment in our studio is either handmade on our small island or comes from sustainable brands.

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Yoga lessons for strengthening, stretching and balance

Improve your balance, experience flexibility, deepen your breathing and overcome your fears. Enjoy the sea breeze, feel the invigorating power of the waves, feel contentment and balance: just take a vacation. What could be better than stretching out after an exhilarating surf session, recharging your batteries and reliving the best moments?

Would you like to experience exactly this feeling, feel your body intensely and do something for your fitness? Then our yoga offer here on Fuerteventura is just right for you. Come to inner peace and let yourself go.

Hatha Yoga
All dynamic yoga classes are Hatha Yoga based. Depending on the participants, the time of day and a weekly theme, the classes focus on certain body parts, movements or breathing.

Yin Yoga
In Yin Yoga we hold passive postures for about 3-8 minutes. This is a quiet class that allows you to focus on your breath while stretching specific areas of your body to release tension in our fascia and connective tissue. This style is a great balance to a busy day or a day of surfing.

In these classes we will get to know our breath once again. We often spend our days without really paying attention to our breath even once. In these 45 minutes we will take time to look at how we breathe naturally and learn different breathing techniques that can support us when we feel stressed or tired – depending on what we need.

In addition to these, we also offer other weekly classes and workshops with Svenja and other teachers, which you can find in our weekly schedule.

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Increase your ability to concentrate – control your energy

Breathing exercises can help you to calm and focus your mind. Bandhas are muscle contractions that help control energy. By using bandhas, we improve our concentration and control our energy. Drishti (“focus” in Sanskrit) consists of focusing our gaze completely for the entire duration of the posture. Each posture has its own drishti and the application of this total concentration leads to meditation. It also increases general concentration and strengthens the eye muscles, which can help with vision problems.

Prices for our Yoga lessons on Fuerteventura

Booking of Yoga-sessions with SEA INSIDE

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You can book your Yoga session directly at the Sea Inside Yoga studio here in El Cotillo. With the Code “FRESH23” you get a 10 % discount on your booking.