Yoga on Fuerteventura

Yoga promotes endurance, strength, flexibility – and gives serenity and patience

You feel limp, exhausted and your peace of mind is disturbed? Sometimes our body and mind need some holidays to relief from stress and nerve-wracking days. Through yoga, we can bring them back into unity. Yoga is absolutely versatile: Yoga courses are for everyone no matter age or level. Every participant is motivated and encouraged by its own individual possibilities . The goal of yoga is to improve body and mind in their centeredness, calmness and patience . Through special exercises, breathing exercises and meditation yoga will help you to find peace and strength . In addition, yoga also assists you in preparing for your upcoming surf sessions and gives you a variety of stretching exercises for your after-surf-stretching.

Yoga-Session on Fuerteventura

Yoga a perfect method to relax and calm down

Yoga means union of the mind, body and spirit with the Divine and while this refers to a certain state of conciousness both individual and Universal, it is also a method to help you reach that goal. Discover a place where you can feel at ease with yourself. Upon entering “Yoga on Fuerteventura” we welcome you with sounds and scents to stir your soul and replenish the spirit. Leave the outside world behind and allow your mind and body to be elevated. You have found a place to relax, revive and experience renewal.

Yoga and surfing have more in common than you might think at first glance. Strictly speaking, yoga is the perfect complement for surfing. Never the less Yoga is practiced increasingly by professional surfers e. g. Kelly Slater. Yogis and surfers know that Yoga improves endurance, flexibility and strength – properties that are essential in surfing also.

Yoga means strengthening , stretching and balance

Our yoga classes will mostly be hold in the evening hours after your surf lessons – as a conclusion of a wonderful day. In a mix (blend) of Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga our yoga teacher focuses on strengthening, stretching and balance exercises. It will be a dynamic session that challenges the harmony of body and mind. The Ashtanga exercises aim to buildup strength, energy and strenghten your focus: In the intensive movements you will flow from one yoga position into the next, always with the focus on concentration and attitude.

The Hatha yoga serves as a kind of compensation at the end of the session: The slow exercises are going to help your relaxation and quicker regeneration. So you and your body become “whole agein”, can completely recover and you are prepared for the next day .

Yoga at FreshSurf
Yoga bei FreshSurf auf Fuerteventura

Gather new strength and reminisce about great moments

Improve your balance, agilit, deepen your breathing and overcome your fears. Enjoy the sea breeze, feel the invigorating power of waves, feel satisfaction and balance: Simply – take a time-out on a surf and yoga vacation with us! What could be better than to stretch after a heavy surf session, to gather new strength and to reminiscen on your best moments in the water?

You want to experience this feeling? To feel your body intensely and still do something for your health? Then our yoga offers here on Fuerteventura are just right for you.

How far away is the Yoga studio from your surf school?

Our Yoga-studio is located directly aside of our school and 100 m away from our surfhouse.


When do you offer your Yoga courses?
Our Yoga sessions usually take place every evening at 6pm, except Thursdays and Saturdays.
Do I have to bring my own Yoga mat?
No, we are going to provide a yoga mat for you. Everything you need to bring is a good mood, matching (sports) clothing, a small towel and perhaps something to drink.