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Active holidays on the Canary Island

Activities on Fuerteventura – Overview

Get an insight into the activties on our island!

We offer a wide range of sports and leisure activities here at the surf camp on Fuerteventura. Besides learning to surf and our surflessons which we offer ourselves, there are many other activities for you. but your well-being is always our priority. We only work with partners or people that we have known for a long time and where we are convinced about the quality and service offered.

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Make your day active – activities on Fuerteventura

Surf lessons in our surf school Fuerteventura

We will bring you safely onto the surfboard. Learn to surf with a guaranteed fun factor!

surfschule surfkurse

What makes the surf classes on Fuerteventura special?

Find out, what makes our surf lessons so unique! What does our surf lesson concept look like, how compliment theory and practice each other and what can you expect from a surf lesson in our Surfschool? How do you find the surf lessons, that suits you best and which are the values that are most important to us? We offer you professional surf lessons for every age and every surf level.

Surfing in small groups – motivated, individual and empathetic!

In our surf lessons you will be taught by professional surf coaches. We teach in small groups which enables fast progress and individual feedback. Our Surfcoaches take their time for you, so you can learn to surf in your own rhythm.

Yoga in the Sea Inside Yoga studio Fuerteventura

We practice Yoga with you and help you find your inner center

yoga aktivitäten fuerteventura

Yoga under professional guidance

Bring body, mind and soul back in harmony

Promote your flexibility, regain your inner balance, deepen your breathing and overcome your fears. Our certified yoga teachers have spent a lot of time in India. With their calm and empathetic manner, they will teach you the basics as well as advanced yoga asanas (poses). What could be better than stretching after an exhilarating surf session, recharging your batteries and reliving the best moments?

Surf Skate Training on Fuerteventura

We show you surf training on dry land – no matter where you are!

surf skate training aktivitäten fuerteventura

Carver Surfskate Training under professional guidance

Practice the surf movements on land

Have you heard about Carver? Or maybe the term „street surfing” rings something? Carver is a board producer, which developed Cruisers that work like a surfboard. How that works? With softer trucks for the feeling for the turns or a deck, that reacts to weight shifts like a surfboard. With such a Surfskate you can work on your surf skills, for example on back and front side turns, bottom turns, cutbacks or the right “pumping”. Like that you can keep working on your surf skills when the waves are flat or you are back at home and can’t go surfing.

Surf equipment rental – board rental on Fuerteventura

Rent surfboards, wetsuits, longboards or surfskates and have fun!

surfboards und surfmaterial

Have fun with high quality material from FreshSurf

What equipment do you have for rent on Fuerteventura?

In our surf school on Fuerteventura we have surfboards (soft boards as well as hard boards) in many different styles for rent. We offer various models, shapes and sizes. You can also rent wetsuits in all sizes, even for small children. You can also rent Longboards or Slide Surfskates. So why don’t you just swing by and get inspired? Lots of great activities await you here on Fuerteventura!

Horse back riding on Fuerteventura

Discover the island on horseback and ride along the cliffs

ausritt fuerteventura aktivitäten

Ride out and enjoy the unique landscape of Fuerteventura

“The happiness of the earth lies on the backs of horses”

Everyone has heard this phrase before, but have you ever tried to experience this happiness on your own while horse riding? Horse riding means being in harmony with nature and wildlife. Riding in particular gives you the opportunity to get to know the island from a new perspective. A ride at the nearby Tara riding stable, which is just 500 metres from our surf school, is not only fun but also has a positive side effect. You are doing something good!

The riding stable is a non-profit organisation that buys abused and mistreated animals from their owners and gives them a better life. With species-appropriate husbandry, lots of care, large stables and daily exercise.

Diving on Fuerteventura

Discover the underwater world of this Canarian Island!

tauchen - aktivitäten auf fuerteventura

Learn to breathe under water at your diving course on Fuerteventura

How can I picture diving in Fuerteventura?

The most beautiful spots in Fuerteventura make the dream of diving a reality. You can discover deep blue water, huge schools of fish, rugged underwater landscapes and much more underwater. The Canary Islands are one of the most popular holiday destinations for divers.

Underwater, an impressive world of jagged rocks, grottos and canyons opens up to you and some dive sites require – and we don’t want to hide this here – a little sense of adventure. Incidentally, the diving destination “Canary Islands” makes it possible to see large fish even on shallow dives.

Massages on Fuerteventura

Book a relaxing massage and ensure faster recovery

aktivitäten fuerteventura massage

Get a massage and relax

What are the advantages of a massage?

A massage offers much more than just pure relaxation: the massage serves to mechanically influence the skin, connective tissue and muscles through stretching, pulling and pressure stimuli.

A massage has a variety of effects on your health: it leads to a localized increase in blood circulation and a reduction in blood pressure and pulse rate. Massages loosen adhesions and scars and improve wound healing. It also leads to pain relief and faster recovery after activities on Fuerteventura.

Learn Kite Surfing on Fuerteventura

Experience the feeling to learn how to master wind and waves!

kite surfen aktivitäten fuerteventura

Glide over the water and feel the wind in your face

What is so special about kite surfing on Fuerteventura

The feeling of freedom in your hand and the wind in your hair will let you forget the world around you. Fun is definetely a priority in kitre surfing, even tough it has to share the position with safety. Kite surfing sure has its risks but they are minimized with good lessons in theory and practice.

Learn to read wind and waves

Experience with us what it means to feel boundless freedom. Combine speed and action with the feeling of completely letting go and switching off. For several hours, all you have to concentrate on is steering the kite. You forget everything around you and can simply enjoy yourself.

Learn freediving or apnoea diving on Fuerteventura

Experience the feeling of zero gravity under water

activities fuerteventura freediving in the ocean

Apnoea dioving – learn to control your breath

Freediving or apnoea diving on Fuerteventura

Learn to control and hold your breath, relax your muscles and learn the right technique to glide down into the depths of the sea with a single breath when freediving. Overcome your instincts and reflexes: When freediving, you dive down, without equipment, longer and further into the depths each time.

Also known as apnoea diving, freediving is the most primal form of diving and a sport that allows you to better understand your instincts and gives you more self-confidence in the water. We organise courses for different levels or especially for surfers with our diving school.

We are happy to provide you here in El Cotillo with more information on all activities on Fuerteventura

We will be happy to help you choose from the various offers and answer your questions.

The offers of our cooperation partners such as kitesurfing, massages, yoga, diving, freediving, etc. are not part of FreshSurf’s range of services, but are to be booked and provided independently by the respective provider.

Questions and Answers about the activities on Fuerteventura

Questions & Answers

Activities Fuerteventura

Where does the Yoga take place?

The yoga classes take place in the yoga studio of Sea Inside Yoga in Cotillo and are led by a professional yoga teacher. The times are determined on site in consultation with the surf courses so that you can combine both in a relaxed way. Yoga is usually held in the morning or evening. You can find more information about yoga on our website under Yoga.

What costs one Yoga session?

One Yoga session costs 18 Euro for 75 minutes. You can book your Yoga session directly with the Sea Inside Yoga Studi. With our Code FRESH23 you will receive a 10% discount.

What do I need for the horse back riding?

Please bring long trousers and sturdy shoes, a riding cap will be provided.

Where do the rides take place? Are there rides on the beach / sea?

Rides take place above the sea, as the horses unfortunately cannot pass the cliffs. There are guided tours for beginners as well as long, fast (challenging) rides for advanced riders. You can find out more about horse riding on our horse riding page: Horse riding.

Where does the diving course take place? Where do the dives take place?

Departure is from the diving centre of our cooperation partner in Corralejo. From there, we will take an inflatable boat to the diving spots off the small island of Lobos, where you will find the most beautiful underwater world in the north of Fuerteventura. We will provide you with more information on how to get to the diving centre before you start your surf course. You can find more information about diving online on our diving page.

Diving on Fuerteventura

For diving courses, you can contact the PUNTA AMANAY DIVE CENTRE diving school in Corralejo directly.
Adresse:Calle el Pulpo – ed. Dunas Club
35660 Corralejo
Phone:+ 34 928 535 357

Mobile:+ 34 656 447 657

Do I need a health certificate or a diving licence?

You will need a “clearance certificate” from your doctor – i.e. a certificate stating that you are authorised to dive. You do not need a diving licence for taster dives, for free dives you need an Open Water Diver.