Activities on Fuerteventura

Having a good time in our surfcamp on Fuerteventura isn’t only limited to surfing: The island offers a lot of options for sports or other free time activity. Some might be active, others more passive and relaxing – but overall they all mean heaps of fun! We only work with partners or people that we have known for some time and which can ensure quality and service. Together with friends and partners, we offer you a variety of different options to spend your holidays.

Get active during our stay in our surfcamp on Fuerteventura

Surf lessons

Surf lessons on Fuerteventura augur a lot of fun. Learn to surf in small groups with individual guiding and support. Surf courses in a certified surf school with licensed surf instructors and lifeguards. Catch some waves with us!

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We teach a mix of Ashtanga and Hatha

Yoga pratice

Yoga is the perfect complement for surfing, because it means exploring the harmony between soul, mind, body and the element of water. As a result Yoga is practiced by professional surfers like Kelly Slater or Mick Fanning.

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Get a better Surfer with DrySurf


DrySurf improves your body sensation, your balance and trains especially all the muscles you need for surfing. The combination of functional training with surfing maneuvers and balance exercises are the perfect preparation for your surf session.

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Skate – & Longboarding

Learn how to skate in our classes or rent a board in our surfschool! Because cruising around over elongate roads, passing the sea, volcanoes and the rough wilderness – that’s what we call freedom!

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Further activities in your holidays on Fuerteventura


Learn how to bodyboard with pro-bodyboarder Salomon Moore! He’ll teach you how to ride unbroken waves, do turns and professional maneuvers! 

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We teach a mix of Ashtanga and Hatha


Diving without scuba gear, only one breath, as deep as possible – this is Freediving! Enjoy the freedom of the sea, and the control of your own instincts in Freediving courses and sessions.

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Get a better Surfer with DrySurf


Relax and let go: Let our massage therapist loose any tensions in your body. Let your mind be free and your body at ease after a back and neck or Reiki treatment.

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