Surf lessons for beginners on Fuerteventura

Learn to surf on Fuerteventura

Surf lessons for beginners – overview

Learn to surf on Fuerteventura in theory and practice

Surf lessons for beginners on Fuerteventura

You want to try surfing and start learning to surf? Then you are at the right place in our surf lessons for beginners. We teach you how to surf at a beautiful beach here on the canary island. We guarantee you it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Lesson content and information

Our beginner surf lesson to simply give surfing a try

Beginner Surf course 1

You never stood on a surfboard or maybe you did an introductory surf lesson? Then our surf class for beginners are the ideal way for you to start with surfing. The class can take between one to for example three or five days, just as you wish. After five days you will have enough experience to practice independently by yourself.

Surfing is super fun if you start from scratch with the right tips and techniques as well as the right surfboard. Safety is very important to us at FreshSurf. This is why we start the surf lessons for beginners always with a short theory introduction (in German or English) about the most important safety rules in surfing.

What do you learn in the beginner surf lesson on Fuerteventura?

  • Safe handling of board and material
  • Board techniques in the water
  • How to cross waves
  • Positioning in front of the broken wave
  • Paddling, gliding & keeping your balance
  • Take-off (Getting up on the board)
  • Surf straight in the white water
  • Gain speed and „break“
  • Surf small turns (frontside & backside) in the white water
  • Different theory lessons: wave development, tides, currents, right of way, surfing equipment etc.

    Requirements for our surf lessons for beginners

    What kind of experience do you need for our beginner surf lesson?

    surfkurs für anfänger spaß am surfen

    Surf lesson for beginners

    Previous experience: no experience or introductory surf lesson

    Requirements: motivation to learn to surf, a good mood and desire to try something new.

    • Swimming 100% 100%
    • Board controll & paddling 0% 0%
    • Knowledge about surfing 0% 0%
    • White water waves 0% 0%
    • Green waves 0% 0%
    • Motivation 100% 100%

    Lesson outline

    Where, when and how is the lesson structured?

    Price Beginner surf lesson

    Included services


    Lesson duration: 3 to 4 h

    ca. 2,5 h in the water

    Kleine Gruppen

    Small groups

    1 surf coach: 4-5 surfers

    Spottransfer von der Surfschule zum Strand

    Transportation to the spot

    To the best surf spot


    Theory and practice

    Knowledge of surfing & the ocean

    surfcamp fuerteventura qualitaet


    Personal injury or damage to third parties



    Surfboard, Wetsuit, Lycra, Leash, Wax, etc.

    Our guest reviews

    These are the reviews of our surf lessons for beginners

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    I was with my best friend in the beginner surf lesson at FreshSurf on Fuerteventura. We had a lot of fun and will be back for sure!

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