Lajares on Fuerteventura

the charming surfer village on Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura and Lajares – “Our home away from home”

Those who know FreshSurf know, that Fuerteventura became our “home away from home”. Our surfschool is located in the charming fishing village El Cotillo. Our surf villas Kiana and Nalani are in Lajares, so it’s time to present you this popular surfer village.

Located in the north of the island, Lajares is equally close to the northshore, as to the east and west coast, surrounded by volcanoes. The village is a meeting point of the surfer scene and a highlight for every sport enthusiast. Relaxation, small bars & cafés, activities of all sorts or simply chilling with like-minded people: Lajares makes surfers’ hearts beat faster.

All you need to know about Lajares

Get an insight into our home on Fuerteventura

Lajares on Fuerteventura

What does it look like in Lajares?

Lajares is a charming surfer village on the Canarian island of Fuerteventura. It is surrounded by volcanoes and the volcanic rocks can’t be overseen when visiting. The houses are immersed into the nature and fit right in with the palm trees and cactuses. So make sure, to take a turn from the main street and wander off into the small streets of the neighbourhood,  which are cared for with heart and soul by local residents. Exploring the various alleys of Lajares is always worth it and will charme anyone. Back in the centre of the village you will find a variety of bakeries, tapas bars, restaurants, craft stores, surf stores and much more.

Lajares Gassen

Location on Fuerteventura

Where is Lajares located?

The beautiful village of Lajares is located in the north of Fuerteventura. It is in between the two holiday destinations Corralejo and El Cotillo. Lajares is perfectly suited for your surf holiday, since all the surfspots in the north are equally close to the village. The local residents are a colourful mix of island residents and surf enthusiasts. You will also recognize this on the streets where the mix of old and new can be seen both in the architectural style and in the stores.

At the craftmarket every saturday morning you will find everything between modern surf equipment and craftmanship.

In addition, there are many small, cozy restaurants that give the village its charm. There are mills at the entrance to the village and a church square where people like to meet. The atmosphere in the whole village is rather quiet and relaxed, but the people of Lajares also know how to party. Lajares is not a typical tourist town, but one that is dominated by the cozy surfing community.

Walking tour through the surfer village of Lajares

What is there to see in Lajares?

Tour through Lajares

Rundgang Lajares

Get to know our charming surfing village of Lajares a little better and join us on a discovery tour. Our tour shows the beautiful, unknown corners, but also the touristy but worthwhile destinations in the village. So pack a bottle of water and off you go.

A holiday in Lajares means…

How to descirbe best, what a holiday in Lajares feels like?

In Lajares you can relax, unwind and pass the time together with like-minded souls. The little village has a lot to offer: from cafés & bars to nature and arts & crafts. It’s the perfect starting point to get to the various surf spots of the north with their various levels. Come and be enchanted by the surfer charm!

Weather and climate in Lajares

What is the weather like in Lajares?

It is for a reason that the Canarian Islands are called “Islands of eternal spring”. Here it is possible to move around in board shorts all year long. Fuerteventura has up to 3000 hours of sunshine every year, so you can expect an average of 8 hours of sunshine every day. If you are looking for sunshine and warmth, Fuerteventura is your place to be at any time of the year. 

During the summer months the temperatures mostly climb to 25°C to 30°C. In the winter months, the temperatures are slightly cooler, but still pleasantly warm at 18°C-24°C. So if you want to escape the cold and wet winter in Europe, Fuerteventura is the place for you.

Overview about weather and temperaturs on Fuerteventura

wetter el cotillo

Beaches close to Lajares

Which beaches are close to Lajares?

Lajares is the perfect starting point to get to a great variety of beaches on Fuerteventura. Whether you prefer the east or the westcoast, you will find numerous beaches with white sand and cristal clear water. In Corraljeo, the sand dunes stretch for several kilometers and in El Cotillo you will find our home spot, Piedra Playa as well as the beautiful lagoon beaches. 

Both sides are perfectly suited for swimming and surfing. But you should always take the flag of the lifeguards in account. Only because you can’t see the currents doesn’t mean that they are not there 😉 But no worries, you will always find a caribian-like place to go for a swim on Fuerteventura. 

For swimming and relaxing we recommend the first bay of our beautiful Piedra Playa, since this part of the beach is protected by the cliffs from the beach and overseen by lifeguards. The Lagoon beaches on the other side of the village are an amazing place to swim and relax, too!

But El Cotillo has even more beaches. If you are looking for something away from surfers and other water sports enthusiasts, we recommend the lagoons and natural pools on the north and west coast, around the El Cotillo lighthouse. The bays are perfect for snorkeling or simply cooling off. Depending on the tide, the water there is not very deep, making it ideal for the whole family.

With your rental car, which we highly recommend, you can drive along the entire coast and find the perfect swimming spot for you.

Places of interest in Lajares

Exploring the surfer village

The Volcano Calderón Hondo

Lajares Vulkan

The Calderon Hondo volcano is located in the direction of Majanicho. This is probably the most famous sight in Lajares. With a height of 278 meters above sea level, the volcano is not huge, but the short walk to the top is well worth it. The view on a clear day is breathtaking. Not only can you marvel at the crater, but you can also see as far as the east and west coasts. There are two paths that lead to the summit of the volcano. One is a well-developed path that leads around the volcano and then upwards. The other, a little steeper but just as easy to manage as long as you were shoes and not just flip-flops. The ascent takes about 30 minutes. Once at the top, you can walk once around the crater. But be careful, on windy days it can be quite stormy.

Donkey family


Those living in the north of the island know the donkey family in Lajares. Coming from El Cotillo, there are between three and four donkeys standing around in a small field at the entrance to the village, happy to welcome any visitor who wants to give a little head scratch or maybe even carries a little snack…

The Windmills of Lajares


Back in the days the mills were used for the production of Gofio, nowadays they only serve the purpose of visualization. The windmills were constructed from solid stones to withstand wind and weather. Today many of the mills on Fuerteventura are in a poor condition. The two windmills in Lajares are old as well, but they are in a very good condition.

Handicraft Market


Every saturday from 10h00 to 14h00 the handicraft market takes place in Lajares. Here you will find a great variety of hand crafted clothing, jewelry and decoration. The marcet is accompanied by a local act performing on the nearby stage. So it’s definitely worth taking a stroll and seeing what is produced here on the island.

Surfing around Lajares

Which surf spots are in Lajares?

Lajares itself is not located at the coast. Nevertheless it’s the perfect starting point for any surfer. From the small village you can get easily to the east & west coast or the northshore. All three coasts offer surf spots for various surf levels. At the northshore you will find many reef breaks whereas the east and west coast mostly offer beach breaks. 

The water temperatures are at about 18°C in Winter up until 22°C in summer. During the summer months the warm temperatures will also allow to surf in bikini and board shorts. For the winter months we recommend a thinner wetsuit (3/2 mm). 

Where is the surf school located?

What makes our surf school so unique?

Lajares Surfkurs

Our small but charming surf school is located in the fishing village of El Cotillo. It will take you only about 10 minutes to get there by car. Our whole team does its best every day to bring you closer to surfing with enthusiasm and passion. With us, the focus is on you and the safe way to learn to surf. Every day we will look for the best waves to suit you and your surf level. We will vary the surf spots according to the conditions to make sure you feel safe at any moment. We will provide you with high quality material. Our surfboards and our wetsuits are regulary maintained, taken care of and renewed if needed.

You want to get to know us better? Just come by and book a surf lesson with us!

Our surfcamp in Lajares 

What does our Surfvilla in Lajares look like?

Surfvilla Kiana Kaktus

Which is the best Surfvilla in Lajares?

Our surf villa Kiana is located in a quiet neighbourhood in Lajares. The large garden invites you to relax and lie in the sun after a successful surf session. Villa Kiana consists of four double rooms, each with its own bathroom. The communal areas are spacious and furnished in Bali surf style. You will be spoiled with fruit and small snacks in the dining area. The Kiana surf villa is a highlight among our accommodation on Fuerteventura.

Is Surfvilla Kiana located at the ocean?

Lajares is not on the coast, which is why our surf villa is not directly by the sea. However, you can reach the sea in just 10 minutes with your rental car. So don’t worry, you won’t miss out on the sea. Otherwise, the spacious garden at Villa Kiana offers plenty of space to linger.

Food & Drinks in Lajares

Are there supermarkets? Where can I enjoy breakfast or a little snack?

Lajares Verpflegung

How many supermarkets are there in Lajares?

There are two supermarkets in Lajares. One is a SuperDino right next to the roundabout at the entrace of the village coming from El Cotillo. There you will find everything you need for your daily use. There is also a second, smaller & independet supermarket, with a few selected products.

Breakfast cafés & bakeries

You will find innumours Cafés in Lajares where you can spoil yourself. Just click through our breakfast recommendations.

Snacks and Restaurants

In Lajares you will find restaurants as far as your eyes can see. Whether you are looking for a quick snack or a nice dinner: there is something for every taste. Just check out our recommendations for bars & restaurants. 

In dem Surferort Lajares gibt es Restaurants so weit das Auge reicht. Hier findest du für jeden Geschmack etwas zum Snacken oder Essen. 

Activities on Fuerteventura

How can I actively relax in Lajares?

Lajares Fahrrad

Many visitors come to Fuerteventura to surf or to relax on the beaches. But what else can actually be done on this island? The offers of leisure and sport activities is very broad and diverse. Sure, many mainly focus on surfing, but Fuerteventura has so much more to offer! Skating, cycling, diving, horseback riding, hiking, kite surfing or Yoga. All these activties can be enjoyed on Fuerteventura and in Lajares.

Our surf school cooperates with a few partners, offering these activities. So don’t be shy and get in touch with us to find our what to do with your spare time during your holiday!

Getting there – Lajares

How do I get to Lajares?

How do I get from the airport to Lajares?

You are just about to leave to Fuerteventura and are wondering how to get to your accommmodation? Let us show you your possibilities. 

Transfer with a shuttle bus
Our cooperation partner offers you two types of shuttle transportation. One option is cheap but not exactly the fastest, the other is a little more expensive but takes you directly to your accommodation in Lajares. You can find more information about our cooperation partner Shuttlespain here.

Car rental
To discover Fuerteventura in its whole beauty, a rental is without a doubt the very best option. Not only will you get quickly from the airport to your accommodation but you will also be able to explore the hidden gems of the island!

Bus / Guagua
Probably the cheapest, but unfortunately also the most time-consuming way to get to Lajares. As the route from the airport first takes you to the town of Puerto del Rosario and then, depending on the time of day, via Corralejo to Lajares.

Once arrived on Fuerteventura, you will find many taxis in front of the airport, which will bring you to Lajares. Definitely not the cheapest option but one of the quickest. 

Questions and Answers about the surfer village Lajares

To make sure no questions remain open, we answered all your questions about your stay in our surfcamp Lajares in our FAQs!

Question & Answers

Lajares - Fuerteventura

Where is Lajares?

Lajares is located in the north of Fuerteventuras. Equally close to east & west coast as well as to the northshore.

How long do I need from the airport to Lajares?

A private shuttle, cab or rental car will take you to Lajares in just 35 minutes. With a shared shuttle or the public bus, it can take up to 2 hours.

How long does it take to get to Corralejo??

With your rental car, you can drive to Corralejo in 15 minutes via the well-developed country road and highway. The bus line no. 8 takes about 50 minutes. The journey will cost you around €3.50.

When are the supermarkets open in Lajares?

In Lajares you will find two supermarkets: Superdino (daily from 8:30 am to 9 pm, Sunday 9 am to 3 pm) and Mercadillo (daily from 8:30 am to 8 pm).

Can you rent bicycles in Lajares?

Yes, you can rent bicycles for example at Magma Surf in Lajares.