Diving on Fuerteventura

Discover the underwater world of our beautiful Island!

Diving on Fuerteventura – Welcome to Paradise!

Fuerteventura is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Canary Islands and offers an impressive and fascinating underwater world. The Canary Islands are rightly known as the diving paradise par excellence. Light blue water, huge schools of fish and rare fish are a diver’s dream. The pleasant average water temperatures of 19 – 23 degrees and crystal-clear water, with visibility of 30 metres, attract numerous divers to the island with its volcanic origins every year. Experience this amazing underwater world!

Dive into a world that is second to none – Diving on Fuerteventura

Underwater, an impressive world of rocks, grottos and canyons opens up to you. Some dive sites require – and we don’t want to hide this here – a bit of a sense of adventure. Those who are not quite ready to venture into the depths of the sea can see large fish despite shallow diving and discover a new underwater world with groupers, baracudas, angel sharks, rays, parrot and trumpet fish, numerous small creatures such as seahorses as well as colourful sponges, sea anemones and cylinder roses. Diving allows you to get to know the sea from a different perspective like no other water sport. It transforms into a fascination and enthusiasm for the underwater world with all its inhabitants. The feeling of being able to breathe underwater and being in a kind of floating state is comparable to a lightness that is otherwise only experienced by astronauts in space.

diving on fuerteventura fishes under water

Underwater – time seems to pass more slowly here

On steep walls, floating above schools of fish, you get to know a new dream world. A dive opens up a marvellous and exotic world that is otherwise only known from photos or television. In this new dimension and from a completely different perspective, the diver has the opportunity to observe fish, turtles and other sea creatures undisturbed in their natural environment.
Diving is a group experience. In addition to the complete silence and the individual gathering of impressions, it is a good feeling to be responsible for yourself and others under water and to know that you can rely on your dive buddies. Diving expresses the fascination and excitement of discovering unknown underwater worlds – from animals and plants to caves and rock formations. As well as releasing happiness hormones, it also satisfies the thirst for adventure.

Corralejo Tauchen
Taucher unter Wasser zwischen Fischen

Dive down and explore the wondrous underwater world of Fuerteventura: whether it’s your first time or you’re already an experienced diver. For beginners, our partner diving school offers great taster courses in which you are slowly introduced to diving before you are literally thrown into the deep end.

Do you already have experience? Then enjoy two wonderful dives in the open Atlantic!

Prices for Diving on Fuerteventura 

Diving on Fuerteventura - Questions & Answers

Where is the Diving School on Fuerteventura located?

The diving school of our cooperation partner is not located directly in El Cotillo, but in the neighbouring town of Corralejo. From there you can get directly to the best spots.

How do I get to the Diving School in Corralejo?

You will have to make your own journey by bus (approx. 50 minutes) or hire car (approx. 25 minutes). You will receive detailed information on how to get there and further information from us in good time before your diving course.

Diving on Fuerteventura - is it really worth it?

Definitely. With its underwater world characterised by lava flows and a large variety of fish, Fuerteventura is one of the most beautiful diving spots in Europe. In addition, the water temperatures are pleasant all year round.

Our diving school usually takes you diving around the “Isla de Lobos” nature reserve – with over 20 dive sites, Lobos is the most spectacular and varied diving area in the Canary Islands.

Is the Diving School offically licenced & registered?

Absolutely. Our partner diving school is a small, family-run PADI RESORT that has been in existence since 1992, is recognised by the Canary Islands authorities and fulfils all safety requirements. All dives are accompanied exclusively by experienced PADI professionals who know the dive sites inside out.

Which requirements have be met for Diving on Fuerteventura?

In Spain you need a medical certificate for diving, which must not be older than 2 years.