No matter the north, south, east or west coast – you can surf all over the island!

Surfing on Fuerteventura – choose from a menu of surf spots

The presented and listed surf spots are by no means all that you can discover here on Fuerteventura . Almost every coast provides secret spots and is worth at least one surf trip. So come on over and finde your secret spot. At the end of a gravel road you might find the surf of your life. But please do not forget about the following: it is not always good somewhere, but eventually very good at a given time. Every surf spot needs its specific wave and wind conditions to work really well.

As a result, we have listed only a “superficial” description of the individual areas of our island. If you like to see more details about the individual waves of Fuerteventura and you want to know when the waves run best, which swell and wind direction the spots prefer, please feel free to seak our spotfinder for detailed information!

Surfen in the northern part of our island

The North of Fuerteventura is the best known shore on the island – the North-shore. Dozens of reef breaks offer advanced surfers the best conditions. The North-shore starts in Corralejo and ends in Cotillo at the lighthouse. Directly alongside the dirt road are the well known surf spots. The North-shore works best with an Easterly or Southerly wind; unfortunately these winds consistently appear during autumn and winter only.

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Surfing the west coast of Fuerteventura

The appeal of the West coast lies in its coastline of rugged cliffs, partly interspersed with remote sandy beaches. These beaches pick up a lot of swell, which is particularly good when the other coasts are flat. The best known beach on the West-coast is La Pared, where with the right conditions a nice lefthander works just fine!

Close to la Pared there are a few other beaches to discover, which can also be pretty good. In the main summer season with small waves and offshore wind, you can find some secret spots. Search for the beach where the “American Star” ran aground; here the North-East wind, which usually is onshore all over the West coast, is offshore. This bay is a real swell magnet and almost always has a working sandbank.

Surfing East-Fuerteventura

No one really thinks about the East coast when it comes to surfing but there are quite often very nice waves. Close to the airport are a few good reef breaks, which need a strong North-East wind swell to work properly. Furthermore there are sometimes nice waves on Flag Beach in winter and in the summer you can find small waves in El Burro, Glass Beach and El Morro.

Towards the South of the island, from Costa Calma downwards, the coast faces South-East. This can be an advantage in terms of a North-Easterly wind and can result in a nice offshore swell; however the waves have to be quite big before they start to break. If this is the case, you can find a few point break lefthanders between Costa Calma and Jandia. With the right swell and wind conditions you can enjoy a perfect day with small, clean offshore waves – perfect for giving your old long board a go.

Surf the southern part of the island

People who know Fuerteventura know that the dominant wind direction is North-East – The South then comes into its own, as the North-East wind is offshore! The South coast starts at the lighthouse of Jandia and offers some of the best waves in Fuerteventura. “Regular Surfers” should be delighted as they can find a few right handers with large variety. The first spot is on the long sandy beach of Jandia, where a nice right hander starts to break close to the lighthouse. This wave changes greatly with the tides. From Morro Jable harbour you can drive down the coast on a dirt road to the Southern-most point of the island. It’s a long and uncomfortable road but if you are patient you might get the perfect surf at the end…!


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There are more surf spots to explore on Fuerteventura …

The surf spots mentioned above are of course not all the spots you can find on the island. Every coast has its own secrets. Explore and find your own secret spot! Please keep in mind that the quality of the spots can be greatly affected by the prevailing conditions. If you check a potential secret spot and don´t find waves, try to imagine how it might be in the right conditions and give it another go when the conditions are better.

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