Relax at our Surf Camp with professional massages on Fuerteventura

If all your muscles hurt after a long day of surfing or you are full of tension from your everyday work at home, we we can offer you a massage that will take worries and stress away. We are happy to book you a treatment of your choice in the hands of our professional masseur and physio therapist – who will seek for your relief.

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Back massage on Fuerteventura
Our massage studio on Fuerteventura

How a massage affects your well-being …

A massage offers much more than ‘just’ relaxation : Massages are used for mechanical manipulation of your skin, connective tissue and muscles by stretching, pulling and putting preassure on certain parts of your body.

A massage has a variety of effects on your health: those effects are a local increase in blood flow as well as a reduction of blood pressure and pulse rate. Massages loose adhesions and scarring, can improve wound healing and a relief of pain.

Have yourself a massage and just lay back …

The effect of a massage extends from the treated areas of the body over the entire organism, including your state of mind. So a relaxing massage by a professional physiotherapist also ensures that you will less susceptible to stress.

Furthermore massages relax the skin and connective tissue as well as they have a positive influence on the autonomic nervous system.

Enjoy deep relaxation on Fuerteventura

A massage assists your body to quickly get back on the surf board during your surf holidays on Fuerteventura and to prevent muscle soreness. It is a great way to return from vacation healthier and fit as well as completely relaxed – does not that sound wonderful?

Relax Massage – 50 min


38 €

Decontracting / Sport Massage – 35min


30 €

Leg Massage – 35min

Beauty: Draining, Sport: To reduce latic acid levels

30 €

Ayurvedic Massage – 90min

Drainage massage with hot and fragrant oil to open energy levels

49 €

Hindu Head Massage – 35min

Ayurvedic massage of shoulders, neck, head and face

30 €

Tui Na Massage – 60min

Deep treatment to release muscle pain with cristal cups

49 €

Aloe Vera Massage – 40min

Soothing and moisturizing treatment

45 €

Foot Massage – 50min

35 €

Where is your massage studio located?

The massage studio is located in the Cotillo Beach Hotel in El Cotillo.

Is it possible to book a massage directly in your office?

Of course you can. Come in any time to book a massage with us. Normaly we need you to give notice a minimum of 24 h before you would like to have your massage to be able to arrange your treatment.