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Equipment rental: surfboards, wetsuits, skateboards, Carver and much more!

Board Rental – Overview

You find all you need to know about our equipment here!

Surf equipment rental on Fuerteventura

Surfboards, wetsuits & more!

You are planning a surf trip to Fuerteventura and want to save yourself the high airline transportation fees that you would have to have if you brought your own surfboard to the island?

Most airlines charge between 50 and 100€ to bring your board to your favourite island. Unfortunately, you can’t be sure, if everything arrives intact and in one piece.

That’s why we have a more relaxing solution for you: our board rental.

The right board for you

At FreshSurf you will find the board that suits you best

Das richtige Surfboard für Beginner beim Surfen Lernen

Which surfboard should I rent?

You want to learn to surf, improve yourself or do you already know how to surf? Maybe you want to rent a surfboard for a day or for a whole week?

Rent a board or two in our surf shop in El Cotillo and start trying. Because we all know only practice makes perfect.

What kind of surf boards to you offer?

We have soft tops and hard boards, longboards and shortboards, or funboards and hybrids that are a mix of both. We have the right board for everyone and in case that you won’t find what you are looking for, we are happy to help you on where you can find your “dream board”.

Huge selection of surf boards in our board rental

Longboard, Shortboard or Minmalibu – here you will find the right board for you

Surfboard und gutes Material

How many boards do you have available in your board rental?

You can choose from more than 50 #surfboards: whether soft or hard boards, short or long boards, skateboards, bodyboards, or skate-longboards. In our board rental in our surf shop you will find exactly the board you need for an amazing surf holiday.

Can I swap my surfboard if I want to surf another one?

Absolutely, that’s the only way to have the board that works best for you. You can always swap your rented board against another one. That way you have the possibility to try various board shapes and lenghths. Always depending of your fitness of the day, the conditions or the local surf spots.

Which shapes, brands and lengths are available at the board rental?

Our selection of board rentals


We want to offer you surfboards of good quality. Of course, there are some boards, that have been around for a little longer and seen one or another wave. All boards from our equipment rental are in good conditions and are repaired immediately, if they have a ding. So, come in and find out – and check out our board rentals.

surfen und relaxen paket

Prices for our Board Rentals

All rented boards come with leash and surf wax

Prices for surf equipment, wetsuits and bodyboards

This is our material in our surf equipment rental 

Special prices in our equipment rental for a longer rental duration

By the way, if you rent fins for a week or longer, we will of course give you a special price.

Just ask in the surfshop or in advance by e-mail.

Book your surf lessons & reserve your equipment

If you like our offer, you can book it directly here! We are looking forward to meeting you!

booking surf board

Questions and answers about our equipment and board rental 

To ensure that no questions remain open, we answered all the questions about our equipment in our FAQs.


FAQ’s about our equipment rental!