board rental

Board rental on Fuerteventura: Rent surfboards, wetsuits & co.

You are planning a surftrip to Fuerteventura and think about bringing your board? Most flight companies will charge you in between 50 and 100 € or more for flying your surf board over and even then you can’t be sure whether or not your board will arrive safely and in a good shape on the island.


Whether you are still learning how to surf or already know how, you may want to rent a board for a day or the rest of your vacation. Rent a board or two and practice, practice, practice. We have soft tops and hard boards. Long boards and short boards.


A huge selection and variety of surf boards awaits you

More than 100 surf boards to choose from: Soft- or hard boards, short or long boards, get the board you need for an epic surf holiday. And best of all is that during your rental period you can change surf boards, so you can try different types of boards in the same week or even on the same day! Just come in again and ask for what you need – we always give you advice which board is best for which conditions, your surfing level and where to go for a surf.

Different shapes and brands … different types and length:

  • Short boards (from 6‘0” to 6’10”)
  • Evolutions or Eggs (6’4”to 6’6”)
  • Minimalibus (from 7’0” to 7’6”)
  • Malibus (from 7’10 to 8’4”)
  • Long boards (from 9’0” to 9’4”)
  • Body boards with flippers and leashes

All boards are given with leashes and surf wax.

Prices for Surfboard Rental

If you rent a board for one week you will get the 7th day for free!

How do I transport the surfboard?

The beach is just a 10 minute walk away, so you can easily carry your surfboard.

If you want to surf other spots, you’ll definitely need a (rental) car. For transporting the board(s), we will lend you soft roof racks to strap on your car.

Do you use eco-friendly wax?

As ocean lovers, the environment and especially the saving of our oceans is a matter of personal importance for us. That’s why we wax our surfboards with GreenFix, a non-toxic wax made from natural ingredients. We also sell it and give you a piece for free for your rental.

What if my rented board doesn't work with the conditions?

Don’t worry: In between your rental period, you can change your board any time. This way, you got your personal quiver in our surf school with boards for all conditions.

What happens when I break a board?

Shit happens, especially when surfing. You easily loose a fin or get a ding in your surf board. That’s why we work with our favorite Shaper, Helmut from Magma Surfboards. He repairs your dings professionally and with fair conditions. If you break or damage your board, he’ll repair it and you’ll just pay his costs  – without any extra charge.

To be sure that you don’t get charged for damages the previous board renter caused, we check every board in detail while you’re watching – so you can be sure you get an unbroken board.