Surf School

Learn to surf with us.

We show you how to surf in our surf school & surf camp on Fuerteventura

Surfing – that’s what we do and what we love. We offer you a way to learn how to surf and improve your surfing. In our surf school, in our surf & dive hostel, and in our surf camp located on the Canary Island of Fuerteventura, surfing is the centre of attention. We try to be different and do things a little bit more creatively.

We make sure that you feel welcome from the start and experience a warm, friendly, family-like atmosphere during your time with us.. We prefer to have small groups and to build up a personal relationship with all our surf guests.

Du kansnt die Wellen nicht anhalten, aber du kannst lernen zu surfen.

Why FreshSurf surf school & surf camp on Fuerteventura

Our focus is on common activities – surfing as a group gives more motivation. No matter the age, surf level or experience – we offer surfing for everyone. If you would like to experience the surf trip of your life – whether you want to learn how to get up on a surfboard or improve your surfing level – FreshSurf is a great choice.

Surfing on Fuerteventura means experiencing pure water sports. We put every effort into safety and into how to avoid risks in and out of the water. We can guarantee you lots of fun within our high-quality teaching and associated materials. Check out different types and shapes of board. We would love to show you “our” Canaries at their most picturesque . Every day we search for the best surf spot matching your needs.

Surfkurs auf dem Weg ins Wasser
Fröhliche Surfer in der Punta Blanca

Away from hotel chains, Fuerteventura offers a lot to explore and is well worth a trip. Enjoy a surf vacation with the FreshSurf surf school on Fuerte and enjoy living in a surf-style environment. FreshSurf is a Company run by and for surfers, with a surf school, surf camp, surf shop and surf lounge. Experience surfing at its best and relax after a day full of surfing with other people thrilled by the surf.

We will help you to get on a surfboard!

No matter your level, age or experience, we will assist you to stand-up on a surfboard with fun and safety.

Certified, well educated and experienced surf instructors and lifeguards will teach safely you how to surf.

Surfcoaching according to the newest technique and with good didactics will help you to make rapid progress on the surfboard.

Well balanced step-by-step learning; learn the theory and then practise it. In this way you will be ready for the waves all over the world.

Top surfspot, with good learning wind- and wave – conditions in a perfect match up with the level of each surfing group.

High-quality material and equipment from international brand manufacturers such as Xcel, Ocean & Earth and NSP

We teach in a instructor-student-ratio of 1:5 (for comparison: normal is 1:8)

We take pictures of you and the surf classes daily which you can download for free and keep as a memory. Our surfinstructors will also use these pictures for photo-analyses, in order to support an even faster progress.


Learn to surf with us, no matter if…

…beginner, intermediate or advanced

We want to provide the opportunity to everyone to experience and enjoy this fascinating sport. We offer the right surf class and the right material for every level.

…theory or practice

We always have more surfing advice for you and match the courses your needs. In the theoretical part of the class you learn everything you need to know before you jump into the water.

…summer or winter

Daily surfing lessons (except for Sundays) give you the chance to learn more and improve your surfing skills. We always try to find the perfect surf spot with the right conidtitions, all year long.

…amateur or (semi-)professional

If you want to go for a second surfsession, you can rent a surfboard before and after the surf lesson for free.