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Surf school on Fuerteventura – Overview

How do you want to learn to surf in our surf school on Fuerteventura? Have a look on our offers to find what suits you best!

Surf school Fuerteventura:
Learn to surf with FreshSurf

Learn to surf in a familial atmosphere

At FreshSurf a familial atmosphere is important to us: groups that learn to surf together and spent time together afterwards. And in the center of attention? Surfing as much as possible of course! Surfing means fun for everyone because age doesn’t matter. If you are looking for a surf holiday, FreshSurf should be your first choice! Why? Surfing on Fuerteventura means experiencing pure water sports. Discover the surf of your life with top conditions, because we will search every day for the best surf spot for you and drive you there. And if you want you can test every day a different surfboard from our quiver: softboard, Mini Malibu or maybe an Egg-Shape?

Surf school Fuerteventura: We’ll get you on the surf board!

In the surf school and the surf camp on Fuerteventura

surf lesson - happy surfers

“Surfing is our life and passing this passion on to others is our goal at FreshSurf!” The surf school FreshSurf stands for freshness, activity, liveliness and the possibility for visitors and guests to gain new experiences in and around surfing as well as to recharge their batteries. Active relaxation and revitalization of body and mind are what we focus on.

With lots of joy and the focus on safety we want to teach you how to surf. It doesn’t matter how old you are or which surf level you have. We will bring you safe and sound on the waves of Fuerteventura.

The most popular offers of the surf school Fuerteventura!

Surf lessons for every surf level

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Which surf lessons are the most popular?

The surf lessons, who are booked most are our surf lessons for beginners and intermediates. We offer you the perfect conditions for a fast improvement on the surf board. Learn to surf guarantees you a smile on your face and an environment that focusses on you.

Surf lessons in our surf school Fuerteventura

Learn to surf with lots of joy. Progress fast in a great atmosphere.

intermediate surfers

Learn to surf in small groups with professional surf coaches

Surf lessons in the surf school Fuerteventura mean fun learning to surf in theory and practice. In small groups, under professional guidance and focusing on your safety!

Professional surf coaches show you tips and tricks around learning to surf. We teach in small groups which allows for fast learning progress and targeted feedback. Our surf coaches take their time with you, so you can learn to surf at your own pace.

What makes our surf lessons so special?

Discover what makes our surf lessons unique. What concept do we have for our surf lessons, how do theory and practice complement each other and what can you expect from a surf lesson in our surf school? How do you find the surf lesson that suits you best and which values do we want to promote?

Surf level in our surf school Fuerteventura

Surf lessons for every level and every age

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From surf beginners to advanced surfer – with us you are in the right hands

It doesn’t matter which level you have – from total beginner to the experienced of the sport of the kings. We are happy for everyone who wants to lean or improve their surfing together with us. Which course is the right one for me? What experience do I need? You can find all the answers to these questions here.

Customized coachings for all surf level!

Here you find information about our various surf courses for different surf levels in our surf school on Fuerteventura.

Surf lessons for kids in our surf school Fuerteventura

Surf lessons for children (with or withour their parents)

surf lessons for kids

How do you teach children to surf?

Like in many other sports or cultural areas children can progress very fast. In the case of surfing it is possible that children get used to the water and develop their skills and abilities really fast.

How should the first contact between child and the ocean look like?

There are two general recommendations that are very important to us since we want that the first moment to be an experience where the child feels safe and confident and develops a positive idea of surfing.

Important: You should never force a child to go into the water.

Maybe they are afraid or they feel like the lesson is to complex for them. Ideally the child should feel confident and fearless and know how to swim. Only then it makes sense to start with surfing.  

Which surf boards are used in our kids’ lessons?

The right board really makes the difference. There are many tips for the right board choice for the first time, but for many children it is most important that it helps them to keep their balance.

In a surf school children can learn in an appropriate way in a small groups which supports and motivates them. The whole experience should be fun in a funny and competitive environment. Under the following link you will find more information about the surf lessons for children in our surf school Fuerteventura.

Private surf lessons – private coachings in our surf school Fuerteventura

Surf lessons with a surf coach all to yourself

private coaching

What are the benefits of private surf lessons?

When booking a private surf coach, you will progress really fast in your surfing. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or have already some experience in surfing, everyone is welcome at FreshSurf! Our certified surf coaches tailor their exercices and lesson content to your knowledge and your individual needs.

In our surf school you find great offers for private surf coachings. Private surf coachings in our surfschool Fuerteventura signify fast progress in surfing. With tips and tricks from a surf coach just for you. Under the following link you find more information to our private surf lessons.

Board rental in our surf school Fuerteventura

Rental of surf equipment: surf boards, wetsuits, and accessories

board rental surfschule fuerteventura

Can I rent surf equipment from you?

Board and equipment rental at our surf school Fuerteventura is possible at all times. Just come by or reserve your material in advance. Whether you are looking for surf boards of all kinds, skateboards, surfskateboards, long boards, etc. You can find more information about our equipment rental under the following link.

Why should you learn to surf with the surf school Fuerteventura?

You are always our center of our attention! We want to teach you to surf in a lasting way!

Away from the many hotels of Fuerteventura the Canary island offer so much more next to surfing, that is worth a visit. We are always at your side with advice and support, organize activities or give you tips for day trips and excursions.

FreshSurf is a company by and for surfers. With us you won’t get a full-package vacation, because surfing doesn’t work according to a pattern. Instead you have the possibility to individually design your dream holiday from our varitey of accommodations, sport activities. Just like you want your perfect holiday to be!

Sustainability is very important to us and we want to teach you how to surf while focussing on environmental protection and respecting local surfers. 

This is how we reach your goal together in our surf school Fuerteventura

Fun, action and a fire work of good humor

surf lessons - explanaitions at the beach

How do you teach me to surf safely?

In our surf lessons we want to get you on the wave with lots of fun. It is important to us, that you enjoy your surfing experience. Likewise, our surf instructors also focus on professionalism and their passion for surfing.  Like this we want to teach you how to surf with lots of fun and safety and enable you to progress quickly.

Lizenzierte Surflehrer und lizenzierte Schule certified, well trained and experienced surf coaches as well as life guards bring you on the  board safely
Ernährungs- und Fitness Workshop surf coaching with modern methods and good didactic makes sure you can progress quickly
Surf-Theorie A well coordinated course program in theory and practice prepares you for the surfing world after the surf lesson with FreshSurf

waveTop surf spots with ideal wave and wind conditions, fitting to your surf level, ensure a good mood and quick success

Surfboard Excellent material and equipment from surf brand manufacturers ensures good quality

Kleine Gruppen Depending on the seasonal workload, we train with a teacher-student ratio of 1:5 if possible (for comparison: normal is 1:8)
KameraWe take pictures of your lessons, that make for a great memory of your surf trip. These pictures are also used for photo & video analysis by our coaches to support your progress in surfing.

How do we take your surfing to the next level?

At the right time at the right place at the right tide

We help you to catch the best wave time

In our surf school Fuerteventura you will learn when and where on our island the best waves break – even without any knowledge of local wind and swell systems.

We’ll explain you in our surf theorie when it’s better to surf in the north on the north shore or rather on the east or west coast of Fuerteventura. With our surf school Fuerteventura you better your chances to find the perfect surf spot with clean conditions.

We will give you all the necessary information for your surf level.

With the help of elaborately illustrated theory presentations and surf videos, our surf coaches in our surf school Fuerteventura explain to you the most important building blocks for your surf knowledge.

We help you to choose the right surf course for you.

The FreshSurf surf school Fuerteventura helps you to have great surf lessons with professional surf coaches, good equipment and a brilliant introduction into the topic of learning how to surf. You can find all the necessary information, included services and prices on our website. Like that you can decide much easier, which surf course suits you and your needs best.

Where can I learn to surf fast and well? FreshSurf surf school answers you that question!

We help you to pack the right wetsuit or we lent you a suitable one

Be perfectly prepared and don’t experience any cold surprises. Fuerteventura is famous for its comfortable water temperature. But it’s rarely possible to surf completely without wetsuit. That is why our surf school Fuerteventura offers you a suitable wetsuit for all conditions which you can borrow at any time outside our surf lessons.

We will explain you, how to avoid dangerous situations:

Fuerteventura is a very safe and extremely relaxed surf destination. But of course there are a few thing, that should be considered, just like anywhere in the world. In our surf school Fuerteventura we explain you the dangers from Petermännchen, Portuguese galleys (jellyfish), sea urchins, strong and dangerous currents. We want you to jump into the water with as little risk as possible. Whether on the beach or on the reefs in the north.

high five after surfing

We help you to get the maximum wave count

As an intermediate or advanced surfer you will also get all the important information in our surf school Fuerteventura. It doesn’t matter if you want to rent a surf board or other equipment or just pass by. We are happy to give you necessary informations about the surf spots if you want to discover the waves of Fuerteventura on your own. With our tips we try to help you avoid crowded line-ups to improve your surf skills even in a short surf holiday.

With us you save on time and nerves

Our surf school Fuerteventura provides you with all the important and surf relevant information at one glance. No long searches on the Internet, no annoying decision-making without clear facts – instead, everything on one website and here in El Cotillo in our office.

Surfing for everyone – in the surf school Fuerteventura

No matter what surf level, wheter it’s summer or winter – we are here for you!

surf lessons - thumps up

For which surf levels is your surf school suitable?

At FreshSurf every surfer finds the right surf course, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer.

We offer everyone the possibilty to experience this fantastic sport. We have the right surf course and surf board for every level.

Do you offer surf lessons in theory and practice?

Yes, besides the surf training on the beach, we always have a few more tips for you and build the courses sensibly on each other. In our theory we explain you everything around surfing and afterwards you try to put it into practice in the ocean.

Do you learn to surf better in summer or winter?

We start our lessons every day depending on the tide and the conditions. We always look for the most suitable surf spots with the best conditions. The time oft he year does not matter. Here you can start every day with surfing.

These are our guest reviews

These are the reviews of our surf school Fuerteventura

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Bewertung Surfschule Fuerteventura

Review of our FreshSurf surf school Fuerteventura


In my opinion Freshsurf surf school is the best surf school, since they care for every guest and address everyone individually. The surf lessons are taught in very small groups and the surf coaches are extremely professional. They motivate you easily and it is super fun to learn to surf with them. The theory input prepared me within 5 days well enough to continue practising on my own afterwards. 5 stars for FreshSurf!

How do you recognize a good surf school?

You can find the answers on the following website

How do you recognize a good surf school!

gute surfschule erkennen fuerteventura

How do you recognize a good surf camp?

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Some videos to get to know our surf school Fuerteventura

For you to increase your excitement a litte – see you soon!

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Questions and answers about our surf lessons and boards

Making sure no questions remain open, we answered all questions about our surf lessons and our surf boards in our FAQs.


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