We have carefully designed surf-courses for adults and children

No matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer

We offer you the chance to experience and enjoy the stimulating sport of surfing, with surf-courses and coaching to match your needs – for every level and every age.

No matter whether it is summer or winter


Daily surfing lessons give you the chance to learn more and improve your surfing skills, in regular or intense surfing lessons, in the endless summer climate of Fuerteventura.

Our surf-courses

Introduction’s or beginner’s course

If you have never been on a surfboard before, then this is the ideal way for you to enter the world of surfing. Surfing is definitely not an easy sport, and so it is important to start with the best hints and techniques right from the start. We start  our surf course with a short theory unit, where we teach you the most important safety rules when surfing. The main focus is your safety. Afterwards we head off in our Surfer-vans to the sandy beach at Cotillo, taking with us the best and most suitable equipment for you. After a little warm-up we go straight into the water. We show you how to surf step by step until you get up on the board (Take-off). We will show you how to walk on water with a smile on your face (and ours).

Intemediate course (on the beach)

If you still need to polish up your take-off and you want to keep on practising under supervison on the beach in the white water, then this surf course is the right choice for you. Here we will also explain the proper technique for paddling, explain the techniques of traversing waves and explain how to paddle into the line-up. You will learn how to surf waves in the white water frontside and backside as well as how to trim the board to surf a wave for as long as possible.

Advanced Intemediate course (on the reef)

You have completed one or several surfing courses, you can already paddle into the line-up, you have mastered the take-off and you can surf a wave straight towards the shore,  and maybe also surf the waves partly sideways? Then our advanced intermediate course is the right choice for you. Here we will optimize your technique and work on your timing as well as your positioning in the water. We will help you to reach the next level and improve your style.

Private Coaching (Advanced Surf Course)

For beginners, intermediates or advanced surfers, we offer private surf coaching, in which you will be individually coached in the ratio of 1 surf instructor to 1 surfer or 1 surf instructor to 2 surfers. The focus here is on ongoing, individual feedback that will help you to reach your goals even faster. If you would like to book a surfing instructor  on an individual basis, this is the right surfing course for your needs.

Private Coaching (Intensive Coaching)

For beginners, intemediates or advanced surfers, we offer private surfcoachings, in which you will be individually coached in the ratio 1 surf instructor to 1 surfer or 1 surf instructor to 2 surfers. The focus here is on an ongoing, individual feedback that will help you to reach your goals even faster. If you would like to book a surfing instructor only for you, this is the right surfing course for your needs.

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private-coachingsWe would like to give each of our guests the best opportunity to develop their surfing skills according to their skill level. It is important that we provide surfing training that is well matched to your starting level, allowing you to make good progress.


Please therefore be realistic when assessing your existing skill level and selecting the appropriate course… For those of you who register as an advanced intermediate (on the reef), the following applies:

If one of our surfing instructors in the water is of the opinion that you cannot meet the appropriate skill level, because you lack the power to paddle, the appropriate fitness level, or the appropriate skills, you agree in advance that he may request you to leave the water. We do this not to antagonise you, but for safety reasons, reducing the risk of injuries to you and other course attendees, as well as the dangers of fatigue. We ask for your understanding!

So if you are not sure that you are already an advanced intermediate surfer, we would suggest instead opting for a first day on the beach, giving you and our surf instructors the possibility to assess your skills realistically. Thank you so much!

Group courses or individual coaching

All of our surf courses will be held in groups of up to five people per instructor. However, if you want to improve quickly, we offer and recommend individual coaching. You will have your own surf instructor who provides you with personalized feedback on your movement and surfing technique. In addition you will be able to freshen up your theoretical knowledge about surfing.

Schedule of our surf courses

Depending on the tide and the conditions, we offer two surf lessons per day from Mondays to Saturdays. Generally we do not offer surf courses on Sundays. However individual coaching and courses outside of our normal business hours can be arranged upon request. Normally, your surf courses will be on consecutive days throughout the week – as long as you don’t specify otherwise. We are happy to try to accommodate your wishes – just come and talk to us!

Ready for Take-Off
Gute Laune nach dem Surfkurs

How do I know which surf course will be the right one for me

Surf Taster & Beginner

Intermediate (Beach)

Advanced Intemediate (Reef)


Surf Knowledge and Abilities

No ability required – just the desire to try something new and create a memory of a lifetime

Previous experience: one or several surf courses completed; Prerequisite: Feel like improving, surfing together with others

Prior experience: mastering the take-off in broken waves, fitness and endurance to paddle out to waves and into the line-up, travelling down waves (frontside & backside) Prerequisites: Knowledge of surfing etiquette, realistic assessment of your own surf skills

Prior experience: mastering the take-off in broken waves, appropriate fitness, travelling down waves (bottom and top turns on frontside and backside) Prerequisites: Knowledge of surfing etiquette, realistic assessment of your own surf skills

Content of the course

Safety instructions and usage of surfboard and equipment; board techniques, positioning, paddling, gliding and the take-off

Optimize the take-off, Take-off Techniques (3-Step & Jump), Wave crossing, Paddle technique and board control, Lateral traverse of the broken wave, Frontside and Backside surfing in broken waves, S-Turns, Proper “wipe-out”, controlled dismount from the board, acceleration and deceleration

Optimize the take-off in green waves, Improve your own surfing style, Timing and positioning, Straight and lateral movement in green waves, Frontside and backside surfing in green waves, Rail to rail surfing or pumps for acceleration, Bottom turn, Top turn, Cut-back

Optimize motion sequences, Improve your own surf style, Timing and positioning, Frontside and backside surfing in green waves, Rail to rail surfing or pumping, Carving, bottom and top turn, cut-back, snap, Individual surf coaching, Video coaching with motion analysis

Learn how to surf with us

Surfing is for everybody, no matter how old you are or your skills level. Our surf-school on Fuerteventura offers you an active holiday experience by and in the sea. Come and play with us in our favorite playground – the Atlantic Ocean.

All our surfcourses & private coachings include:


High quality equipment


Licensed surf-coaches and surf-school


Theory and pratical lessons


Shuttle surf-school <-> surf-spot


Photo- or video coaching




Surfing in small groups


Assistance and guidance both in and out of the water

Prices of our surf-courses in Fuerteventura

In our surf courses one surf-coach guides a group of 5 students, or 6 students in exceptional cases – a group of 8 students is common for other schools. This way, we can offer you the best possible tutoring and make sure that everyone achieves their personal surfing goals.

Prices of our private coaching on Fuerteventura

Do you want to raise your surfing skills quickly with the support of a professional surf coach? With a coach who is training you alone? Private coaching is the perfect way to improve your surfing in a very short time, as the personal guidance  optimises your training. The surf coach takes account of your individual surfing goals, helping you with tips and detailed feedback throughout the lesson and afterwards.

Gallery Surfcourses on Fuerteventura



When do the surf courses start?

You can start on any given day between Monday and Saturday, normally one day after your arrival. If you would like to start on another day, please let us know.

Do I have to do the surf courses on sequential days?

No. We normally plan your schedule to include sequential days throughout the week. But if you would prefer some breaks in between, just include a note when booking and we will change the schedule accordingly.

Can I book (further) surf-courses locally?

Normally, you can book (additional) days locally. Depending on the season, it may happen though that our courses are fully booked. That’s why we recommend booking in advance, even though we will always try to include you on further courses where possible.

Can I cancel booked courses locally?

Courses that have been booked and paid for cannot be cancelled locally. If you can’t participate and let us know in advance (24 hours beforehand), we can try to move your course to another day – as long as we have free spaces.

Surfboards Any questions, wishes or ideas?

Call us or write us an E-Mail!

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