Surfskating on Fuerteventura

Practice with the surf skate and improve your surf technique

The locals of the island don’t only learn to walk as a child, but to skate, too. Because: if the street calls, we follow – but only on rolls. With the small brother of surfing you can cruise with a Longboard along the freshly paved roads of the island.

Cruise along the ocean, volcanoes and the desert – that’s what we call freedom. If Robinson Cru(i)soe would have stranded on Fuerteventura he and Friday would have probably not done anything else (except for surfing).

Surfskating on Fuerteventura – Overview

Fuerteventura is filled with boards

Old, new, short, long, Cruisers, Carvers, Longboards, Skatebaords

Surfskating and Longboarding on Fuerteventura – different than in the city

Longboarding on the island offers you a completely different sensation than cruising along the urban jungle amidst high-rise buildings back home: When you spend the evening on a sunset skate session on the empty streets, the evening sun at your back, the wind in your hair, the mountains in front of you and everything wrapped in a warm orange-yellow light, you’ll realize why the street can be a second home. Oh, home street home!

Surfskating on Fuerteventura –  in the skatepark or on the street

You don’t always hang around “at home”: why not take your board out for a ride? La Oliva and Corralejo offer you the best 5 star transition-skate in their skateparks. The Miniramps and Quarterpipes in La Oliva are exactly what you need for grabs and (kick-)flips! With Blink 182 in your ears, you are definetely „lost in transition” when the board goes down the pipe in slow motion when dropping in…

surfskate fuerteventura boards in the sun

Surfskating in Fuerteventura – Skatepark in Corralejo

The Skate park in Corrlejo on the other hand is perfectl for beginners and children, who want to try their first maneuvres: friendly little obstacles and a smooth surface (hello, Ollie!) make the introduction to skating easy. Designed like a litte play oasis, there is also an outdoor-gym and a playground for those, who don’t get enough from “just” skating.

surfskate fuerteventura bowl la oliva

Surfskating on Fuerteventura – Discover Skate Treaures

Besides the skateparks and long roads there are some hidden small treasures are hidden in the north of Fuerteventura that are worth the search. For example pools in deserted hotel complexes that are perfectly suitable as a Bowl. Just like your small personal skate playground. Fausto Vitello – or for the not so skate experienced amongst you: Tony Hawk – would be proud of you!

surfskating on fuerteventura by dave strijker

Improve your surf with Carver Surf Skate Session

Have you heard about Carver? Or maybe the term „street surfing” rings something? Carver is a board producer, which developed Cruisers that work like a surfboard. How that works? With softer trucks for the feeling for the turns or a deck, that reacts to weight shifts like a surfboard. With such a Surfskate you can work on your surf skills, for example on back and front side turns, bottom turns, cutbacks or the right “pumping”. Like that you can keep working on your surf skills when the waves are flat or you are back at home and can’t go surfing.

surfskate coaching fuerteventura

Surfskating is a relatively new form of skate boarding, which beame more and more popular in the last years. It is a form, to bring the dynamic and the sensation of surfing on the street, where you ride especially designed skateboards which feel & move like surfboards. Here you can read more on how surf skate developped, the different techniques and the general advantages of surf skateboards.

History of surf skating

Surfskating has its roots in surfing. It was popularized by surfing legends such as Larry Bertlemann and Christian Hosoi in the 70s and 80s. Bertlemann and Hosoi were known for taking their surfing to the streets by performing tricks on skateboards similar to the ones they did on their surfboards. They developed specially shaped skateboards to bring the surf feeling to the street. These boards had a wider and longer shape than conventional skateboards and were equipped with large wheels that allowed for smooth gliding.

In the 90s, the focus began to shift to street skating and surf skating became less popular. In recent years, however, interest in surf skating has increased again. Skateboard designers have begun to refocus on designing skateboards that bring the feel of surfing to the street, and there are now a variety of purpose-built surf skateboards on the market.

surfskate fuerteventura grab the rail

Techniques of surf skating

Surf skating differs from other types of skateboarding due to its flowing, wave-like movements. To be able to surf skate successfully, you need to master a few basic techniques.


Carving is a key technique in surf skating.It refers to “cutting” turns by shifting your weight from one side of the board to the other. This creates a flowing movement, similar to surfing. This is exactly why surf skates are also called “carver boards”. To make a turn, you have to lean into the turn, pushing your toes or heels into the board to steer it in the desired direction.


Pumping is another important technique in surf skating. It refers to utilizing the natural movements of the board to generate speed.If you are riding on a flat road, you can generate extra speed by shifting your weight from one side of the board to the other. Pumping is also useful for generating speed when riding on a slope.


Power sliding is a more advanced technique in surf skating. It refers to performing a fast and controlled slide on the wheels of the board while cutting a turn. To perform a power slide, however, you must first build up enough speed…

Prices for our Surf-Skate-Lessons

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Surfskateboards and Longboards at FreshSurf

By the way, you don’t have to desperately store skateboards and longboards in your suitcase, which is already bursting at the seams with board shorts and surfing equipment. At our surf school, you can choose a suitable companion for your vacation from a selection of cruisers, skateboards and longboards – free of charge.

Questions & Answers - Surfskating

Do you have protectors, too?

Yes, we can lent you some knee, elbow and hand protectors. The use is at your own risk. 

Where is the next Skatepark?

The next skatepark is in Corralejo, about 20 min. by car. In La Oliva is a concrete bowl, which is perfect for cruising and to work on turns. It takes about 15 to get there by car. 

Where can you skate close to the Surfschool in El Cotillo?

The most suitable place to skate is the sports field (a hard court) or the large square behind the Cotillo Beach Hotel!